Become a household name with franchise public relations

National brand awareness helps franchise businesses reach new markets. It’s a lot easier to successfully open franchise locations in new territories if customers in that area are familiar with your brand.

But many franchise marketing efforts are focused on driving business to existing stores or connecting with potential franchisees. While those strategies are appropriate, they’re only part of the ongoing awareness campaign that franchises should be operating.

The other key element of building your franchise brand is franchise public relations. With an experienced agency like Ripley PR, you can focus on franchise development and support while a team of experts helps establish overall awareness of your company.

Here are some of the ways franchise PR can enhance your existing marketing and ease the introduction of your brand to new markets:

  • Media relations: Strategic placement of media coverage in franchise and industry trades and local and business publications supports awareness of your brand in areas targeted for growth.
  • Content marketing: Creative articles, blog posts and other content can serve as the foundation for building your company’s reputation as industry thought leaders.
  • Social media: A focused strategy for your social media platforms would include a combination of franchise development, marketing, content, and interaction with customers and potential franchisees.

Growth is critical for franchise success. You can’t wait for franchisees to knock on your door – it takes investment and preparation to penetrate new territories and continue building your franchise brand.

To learn more about Ripley PR and our results-driven franchise public relations services, contact us online or call (865) 97-1973.


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