Be Yourself: The Importance of Voice in Social Media Marketing for Home Services

You work hard every day building your home services business, but you can benefit from a healthy sense of play when it comes to marketing and public relations on social media.

Making a living is serious business, but potential customers aren’t just interested in the facts. They like to laugh and knowing that you can laugh, too, helps build engagement with social media communities.

Writing in Forbes, entrepreneur John Rampton cautions businesses about being, well, all business when it comes to social media:

Remember, social media is about other people.  Don’t be the guy at the part that only talks about himself.  Nobody likes that guy.  Don’t be that way on social media.  It’s about being an expert and helping others find useful information.

The use of humor can be a delicate topic for some. Suddenly, they question themselves. But what if nobody laughs? What if I offend somebody?

Humor, though, is not always about jokes. It’s about being willing to share the fun in everyday situations. During my previous life as a journalist, I learned our Facebook readers enjoyed hearing about the little funny things that would occur in the newsroom. One of my particularly well-received customs was to occasionally post bits of dialogue that were overheard on the police scanner.

One glib post regarding some maintenance workers yodeling over the radio gained us more than 10,000 views and scores of interactions. Was it serious? No. Was it something that kept people engaged? Most definitely.

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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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