Battery Required: Public relations can help your B2B automotive brand turn the electric vehicle revolution into a growth opportunity

Agree to disagree

Most transportation experts agrees that eventually there will be more electric vehicles in use around the world than traditional gas-powered automobiles. Ask those experts when that’s going to happen, though, and you’ll receive a startling variety of responses.

The most optimistic analysts predict 2030. Others say it won’t happen until 2050 or later. Some say the shift will take place sometime in between. A recent Columbia University study shows that official estimates on EV market share in 2040 vary from 10% to 70%.

Business predictions are notoriously difficult. The market for electric vehicles is unusually complicated, because the technology is new and evolving quickly. The EV sector is growing at double-digit rates. All that movement and action means there are a seemingly infinite number of possibilities for what comes next.

Gear up to grow

The only sure thing in the EV market for 2020 and beyond is that it’s crowded, and will only get more competitive. That applies to carmakers as well as the B2B companies that maintain the industry, including parts suppliers, technology companies, utilities and maintenance/repair outlets. It will be critical for B2B brands to adapt to the electric revolution – and then to stand out from the competition if they want to grow along with the EV market.

The experienced automotive public relations team at Ripley PR can help B2B auto companies establish strong brand identities, build their businesses and reach the next level. Our award-winning PR professionals rely on proven communications skills and techniques – media relations, social media management, speaking engagements, industry awards and content – to put ambitious auto entrepreneurs in position to drive sales and generate profit.

If you want to elevate your B2B brand in the EV marketplace, visit Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973.


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