Balancing Human Skills with Technology in Manufacturing

A new age of manufacturing is upon us. The technological revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, looks different than previous shifts in manufacturing. A transition to high-tech systems will likely create more jobs than it eliminates and will provide workers a safer more efficient environment.

The manufacturing climate is now a synergy between workers and technology.

For workers, manufacturing is an opportunistic place to be in its current state. With a manufacturing labor shortage, employers look to develop existing and prospective employees with high demand skill sets providing them the opportunity to take on exciting new roles.

In contrast to earlier days in manufacturing, a factory job is no longer a great risk to worker safety. Developments in automation have transitioned more dangerous jobs to machines. AI can detect when safety is compromised and alert workers when they are in a dangerous area. Robotics can test hazardous materials so workers do not have to interact with them.

For employers and employees alike, this revolution can prove challenging as well. There are a few areas of focus for employers to maximize the benefits of the current state of manufacturing.

  1. Employee investment- Employers should invest in the development of their workforce. Skill training and productivity enhancements will inspire your employees to put forth more effort.
  2. Engagement- It is crucial for employers to engage workers who are using the technology. Creating a two-way conversation will increase fluidity in technology adaption in the workplace.
  3. Soft skill training- Technical training is an obvious need when your workforce is heavily working with machinery but technology is always advancing. Investing in soft skill training such as problem solving, emotional intelligence, and creativity, will aid employees in future technology adoption.

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