B2B, You Have an Audience, What Are You Putting Out There?

Positioning yourself as a customer satisfaction leader is more important than ever for B2B. The digital age has given companies much more visibility when choosing a vendor. What are you putting out there? Is it effective?

B2B companies have thrived on great relationship management, but now your audience can form an opinion about you before you can even get a chance to start that relationship. After only a few clicks, your potential clients can determine if you are a business they would consider working with. Creating a message that resonates with your target audience will give you a leg up on your competitors.

The Power of B2B PR

How can you create a better digital image for your B2B? The answer is B2B public relations. An effective public relations strategy can help you garner the right type attention and control the message you would like your company to portray to retain and grow your business.

Here’s what public relations can do for your business:

  • Garner media attention: Perhaps the most common thing that comes to mind when you think of public relations and it’s extremely effective. This isn’t just any media attention, it’s a message strategically positioned to your audience to give top-of-the-mind awareness of your business.
  • Create a survey strategy: Measuring customer feedback can help you make future business decisions with more confidence. It can tell you the satisfaction level of your existing customers and better understand where you need improvements. A survey strategy can help you cater to your audience.
  • Grow your social media presence: Social Media is a powerful and inexpensive tool.  A social media strategy can help you grow your social pages for better exposure and monitor for negative feedback that might hurt your image.
  • Case studies: All of the great projects your business has been involved in deserve to be shared. They tell the story of the success of your business and what value you provide to your industry.
  • Blogs: We know you are an expert in your industry but maybe not an expert writer. A talented content team can take your expertise and put it to paper. Blogs are a great way to show your knowledge on industry related trends and promote your business.

Appealing PR Strategies

According to customer think, only 17% of B2B companies have integrated customer data into their organization. Understanding how another company uses your product or service and creating a PR strategy to appeal to them can make your efforts much simpler and more effective. Need help? Our team at Ripley PR specializes in B2B public relations. We can create an effective PR engagement strategy to increase leads and retain business. Contact Ripley PR today at 865.977.1973.

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