B2B Tech Public Relations is the Key to Owning Your Verticals

If your company provides SaaS-based solutions to businesses operating in niche verticals, you know how important it is to develop and maintain an authority in those spaces. Business owners need to trust the software they use to manage their companies, and ensuring that you are positioned as a thought leader in the industries they serve is a huge step toward onboarding more users. If you aren’t sure how to begin the process, partner with an experienced B2B tech public relations agency like Ripley PR.

Beyond press releases and interviews

While issuing timely announcements and working to secured earned media coverage is often seen as the bread and butter of public relations, the right agency will be actively working to secure your position as a thought leader in your target audiences’ industries through a number of tactics:Own your industries with B2B tech public relations.

  • Bylined articles: A B2B tech public relations team with an in-house content department can help you distill, organize, pen and publish the expertise contained in your mind. The lessons learned over years of solving problems in your clients’ industries add an undeniable level of credibility for your software company, and your PR team can get them placed in key media outlets your clients read.
  • Awards & recognition: A key part of any public relations campaign, having a team identify and submit your company for credible lists and awards can help you stand out in a small pond when catering to niche industries. Sometimes, recognition might be the key differentiator between you and your closest competitor when it’s time for your next lead to make a decision.
  • Speaking engagements: Some say there’s nothing quite like hearing it in person, and making strategic appearances to share your wisdom at industry events can help boost your position as a thought leader. By crafting a well-written proposal, a good B2B tech public relations team can help you become known as not just another software provider but rather a champion of the industries you serve.

To learn more about how a B2B tech public relations agency like Ripley PR can help establish you as the thought leader in your industry, contact us today by calling (865) 977-1973.


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