B2B Public Relations Uses Social Media to Give Your Brand an Image Makeover

When clients consider your B2B brand, they are doing to do their homework. And, what other what they find out about your brand online is going to have a huge impact on whether they decide to do business with you or not.

Remember what they say about first impressions — there are no do-overs. If your brand has not looked at its own online reputation, it’s time start. If you don’t like what you see, or if you wish you could improve your online image, it might be time to hire Ripley PR, a B2B public relations specialist.

B2B PR Boosts Your Social Media Image

It’s important to have a good reputation online, but if your business doesn’t, it’s not easy to repair on your own. A reputable and experienced B2B PR agency has all the tools necessary to start turning around your bad social media image. It will take work, but the experts know to do it the right way.

PR can improve your social media footprint

Social media is for B2B firms. In today’s marketplace, your business simply must have social media accounts in order to compete with similar businesses. Your social media platforms need to highlight your achievements and products or services, but you have to make sure not to be too self-promotional or you’ll turn off potential customers. Ripley PR knows how to create social media posts to reflect your brand at its best.

Social Media Manners Matter

Social media can be a tricky medium for many B2B brands to navigate, especially when there are negative comments, reviews or images posted. Having a social media expert in online reputation monitoring and management can be critical to your business’ success. Even one bad comment or post can escalate into a frenzy, as we’ve recently seen on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t let social media be a stumbling block to increasing your B2B brand’s bottom line.

Ripley PR’s talented B2B social media team is ready to create a social media strategy to give your brand’s online image the energy it deserves. Check out Ripley PR online today or give us a call at 865-977-1973.


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