B2B Marketing: Gaining Exposure for your Infographic

YouTube videos, heartwarming tales, and funny photos-these are things that go viral online. Humans are visual, and seeing rather than reading often prompts people to pay closer attention. Most people see the value in sharing what they know and learn, so should your company be any different?


In B2B public relations, content creation is vital. If you are delivering valuable content via blogs or social media, it may be worthwhile to take that content to the next level with an Infographic. Infographics have become an exciting and popular way to showcase a company’s knowledge. In fact, Fast Company even has an online section called Infographic of the Day.

Your company’s expertise is a driver of success, and sharing what you know can create a demand for products or services people never knew they needed. An infographic can be a fresh way of introducing industry facts and news you see as important for your audience to know.

Devoting your resources to create the perfect infographic doesn’t mean much if no one sees it. Once you actually create an infographic, the next step is sharing it. So how do you make sure your infographic gets the exposure it deserves?

This article from QuickSprout highlights how to make an infographic go viral. Here are a few of those tips to develop a plan for your infographic:

  • Submit the infographic to directories. Did you know there are actually online directories and blogs devoted solely to infographics? Sites like visual.ly and Daily Infographic showcase thousands of infographics, and submitting yours will create more traction. Not only will you increase exposure, but these sites can also provide ideas and inspiration for drafting your infographic.
  • Write and distribute a press release. A written press release announcing the roll-out of your infographic is an excellent tool for creating exposure. It gives you a chance to tell the story behind your infographic: why did you create it and who did you create it for? It is also necessary to ensure your press release is SEO optimized. Include 2-3 keywords and links to your site.
  • Have a social media outreach plan. With the number of social media platforms available, the ways to share your infographic are endless. Keep in mind the tools of all platforms and develop a different plan for each. For example, Twitter gives you 140 characters to make an impact. If your infographic includes 10 different facts, share a single fact every day. This will provide repeated and concise exposure. Also, always encourage your audience to share the infographic.

Infographics are a great way to turn raw data and compelling content into easily readable, visual tools. If you want to branch out and showcase your company’s expertise, the team at Ripley PR can help you design an infographic and develop a plan for gaining exposure.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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