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Media attention can be both beneficial and detrimental when it comes to franchising. On one hand, it can increase brand recognition and reputation through the power of earned media outreach. Alternatively, negative media attention can threaten the integrity of your organization as a whole. In the unfortunate event your company finds itself in the middle of a negative media blitz, it is important to be prepared.

An agency that specializes in franchise public relations can help franchise executives stay prepared in case a media crisis takes place. At Ripley PR, our experts can help prepare and guide you through a situation to help minimize the potential damage from a negative story. Our agency has years of experience working in the franchise industry and provides each of our clients with a crisis communication plan that can be utilized during difficult times.

Below are a few examples of how our experts can aid franchises during a media crisis:

  • Establish a team: When a crisis happens, it is important to understand who is in control of the actions that follow. Our experts can help you determine what the best course of action is and the roles of each team member. This helps keep things organized as the crisis continues to develop.
  • Prepare for tough questions: There is a strong chance franchise leaders will have to field difficult questions when handling a media crisis. Knowing this in advance, our experts can help you prepare by drafting questions and answers for practice sessions regarding the crisis with the spokesperson.
  • Craft the messaging: One of the fears of a media crisis is the damage to a franchise’s reputation. In an effort to limit the potential harm, our PR experts can help your business formulate a message to better position the franchise without ignoring the facts of the story.

While we hope your franchise doesn’t suffer from negative media attention, we are here to help those wanting to be better prepared for the time if it comes. If you are ready to get your crisis communication plan started and protect your reputation, contact us on our website or by calling (865) 977-1973.


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