Automotive Trade Shows: 3 Things Your Brand Needs to Try

It’s true that many trade shows have been cancelled for 2020, but in place of in-person events, many show organizers are switching gears and embracing virtual trade shows. So, with that in mind, Ripley PR, an automotive public relations agency, is sharing tips for using virtual trade shows to boost your brand.Car trade show.

  • Create consistent marketing materials. Consistency across all channels will be essential to virtual trade show success. You won’t be there to explain anything in person, so make sure virtual flyers, banners, videos, and your website all have the same branding and message. Make sure your branding is vibrant and graphically appealing on computer screens and other types of screens.
  • Consider how you will collect and follow up on virtual leads. Getting and following up on leads is a prime reason to exhibit at an automotive trade show, and a virtual event can be a good way to get qualified leads. Many attendees at traditional trade shows aren’t seriously invested in doing business. However, those that sign up for a virtual trade show are more likely to be “hot” leads, so having a good online lead-collecting system will be key.
  • Use the show to introduce a new product or service. Automotive public relations experts like Ripley PR use this tactic as a sure-fire way to get immediate attention from show attendees and media. You can schedule a product or service launch event virtually once you know the show schedule. Plan it for a slow period where most of your invitees will be free to watch and participate.

It’s not always easy to shine at trade shows, virtual or in-person, but Ripley PR’s talented team of automotive public relations professionals is ready to create a custom PR strategy for your brand. Check out Ripley PR online today or give us a call at 865-977-1973.

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