Auto Parts Manufacturers Need PR, Too

Automotive assemblyEach car that rolls off an assembly line is a feat of modern engineering, with thousands of individual parts working in sync to produce a machine that can travel fast, carry an entire family across the country or tow a trailer from point A to point B.

People have no problem recognizing the final product. There are many hobbyists who can rattle off models and what years they were in production. But that doesn’t mean the multitudes of gaskets, spark plugs, pistons, calipers and other individual parts that make automobiles run have to be the unsung heroes.

In fact, some of those pieces between the wheels have managed to break out and create their own brand (“That thing got a hemi in it?”). Even if your auto parts brand doesn’t become a catchphrase in a commercial, there are still ways to get your product’s name out there.

Automotive PR can get manufacturers’ names in front of important decision makers who may determine which rotaries will go on the next model year. That can be accomplished via a number of automotive public relations strategies. It can also accomplish several goals, such as those listed below.

  • Sales – Whether its news about the product or the company making said product, getting consistent trade media coverage can help make sure your company’s name is consistently out there and potentially in front of buyers and engineers designing the next model year.
  • Recruitment – If you’re looking for skilled workers, you can spread the word that you’re hiring using automotive public relations to get resumes from the best candidates.
  • Spreading good news – Did your facility just embark on a new environmental initiative? Did you just hire 50 new employees? Are you expanding operations or opening another facility? All of these can help boost your brand’s reputation.

Automotive public relations isn’t reserved only for car manufacturers and tire brands. Those companies that are making the crucial components that make our vehicles move have an opportunity to take advantage of good PR in order to improve SEO, attract quality employees and increase sales.

Ripley PR is a public relations agency specializing in franchise, manufacturing, construction and automotive industries. Call us at 865.977.1973 if you want your automotive company to rev up its PR efforts.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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