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Showcase your accomplishments with construction public relations

You’ve just won an outstanding award, but you’re too modest to show it, that’s where construction public relations enters the equation. You shouldn’t be afraid to let everyone know about your accomplishments and a firm like Ripley PR can help... Read more

3 Ways Home Service Public Relations Can Increase Leads

Home service public relations is another tool to stick in your belt of lead garnering strategies. A business can’t survive without a consistent pipeline of new leads. Home service PR as a part of your marketing and outreach plan can... Read more

Race into the headlines with Automotive Public Relations

When I first met my wife, I swept her off her feet with a great first impression. Not true, but I got a second chance to tell her my story and here we are. When getting your story to the... Read more

Grow your reach with franchise public relations

Curious why you’re not getting media traction you had hoped for? Franchise public relations can help your brand reach a wider audience. It’s important, as a franchise, to continue to reach a broader audience to gain exposure for your brand.... Read more

Home service public relations can establish your brand’s clarity

Nothing runs like a Deere. Just do it. Nothing stops a Trane. John Deere, Nike, and Trane didn’t just become household brands overnight. There was a product, there was a plan, and there was a message. Just like these brands... Read more

Home service public relations adds value through media training

The artic freeze is rolling in. Pipes are in danger of freezing. Who are you going to call? The plumber who is great on camera and knows their stuff. Home service public relations can add value, trust and credibility to... Read more

Is your construction public relations crisis plan prepared for the worst?

In construction, crises can and will happen. It’s inevitable, but the good news is that a construction public relations team can have you prepared with a crisis plan. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a build and realize that... Read more

Home Service Public Relations Tips for the Home Service Expert

Home service experts are doing jobs that most people either don’t want to fool with at all or do not possess the skills to handle. Now, you may not know how to turn that fact into attention without having to... Read more

B2B Tech Public Relations Can Give Life to Your Press Release

In the age of 15 second TikToks and 100-word blogs about a tweet, B2B Tech public relations can still get your press releases to the right crowd. The press release is not dead. A team like Ripley PR can tell... Read more

5 Things Every Construction Tech Company Should Know About PR

The construction tech industry aides the advancement of the all-important construction industry. Construction tech public relations can highlight the important role that Contech plays in the advancements of the construction industry as they constantly battle environmental and supply adversity. An... Read more

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