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Has COVID-19 Changed Franchise Discovery Days?

Discovery Days are a fixture of the franchise industry. It’s a chance for prospects and their spouses to come to headquarters, experience the company culture and lifestyle, meet the corporate team, and maybe even enjoy some time in a getaway... Read more

Knoxville businesses

4 Ways PR Can Grow Your Knoxville Business

Is there anything better than a hometown success story? A mom-and-pop shop on the grow, or an amazing brand launching to the national stage, all of these are the stuff of the American dream. So, if you’re a Knoxville or... Read more

Is it Time to Choose a Global Public Relations Agency?

Are you feeling like a big fish in a small pond? Every business starts with a dream, and they typically start small by building brand recognition and a consumer base on the local level. As your Knoxville or Maryville business... Read more

Construction manager uses computer to do content marketing

Can Blogging Help Your Construction Company?

Generating new business can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a construction company. Contractors are busy, and it can be hard to take time away from jobs to court new clients. Relying on word-of-mouth referrals is tempting,... Read more

Home service professional is interviewed on morning news talk show

How Does Your (Home Service) Garden Grow?

Become the Local Expert and Reap the Rewards Does your community have local experts? We certainly have our share here in East Tennessee, knowledgeable men and women invited to be morning news show guests, those people reporters call when there’s... Read more

B2B decision maker reads content from manufacturing public relations strategy.

Is Your B2B Content Engaging?

Are you struggling to grow engagement with your B2B manufacturing content? If so, it’s understandable. The internet is packed with content, so creating pieces that will stand out is harder than you might think. In a B2B manufacturing setting, you’re... Read more

B2B executives partner with a specialist public relations agency

Why You Should Choose a Specialty Agency for B2B PR

Is your public relations agency making your job harder instead of easier? Are you having to explain the basics of your B2B industry over and over? Do you correct mistakes in industry lingo that make your brand look out of... Read more

Young couple drives electric car they found through automotive public relations

What Volvo is Getting Right About Automotive Public Relations

It was a bold move. Two years ago, Volvo announced that all of its new models would have hybrid or fully electric engines starting in 2019, with the hopes of fully electric cars accounting for half its global sales by... Read more

Home service expert repairs clogged drain

Get Real (But Not Too Real) With Your Home Service PR

Would you believe that most people have never heard of Brown Friday? As a home service expert, you know all about that busiest day of your calendar year. More commonly known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is notorious... Read more

Two construction professionals share project updates on social media

Do Construction Companies Need Social Media?

The Short Answer is Yes It’s no secret that the construction industry is seeing sweeping change. New workflow technology, safety advances, prefabrication, modular construction and even 3D printing are making their way onto the jobsite. These advances have the potential... Read more

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