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PR can protect the reputation you’ve built

Commercial construction companies don’t have to convince the general public they are worth hiring. Instead, they have to persuade other knowledgeable people in the industry they are trustworthy and reliable. For a construction company, reputation is the foundation of a... Read more

Playing matchmaker for automotive businesses

From the Model-T of yesteryear to today’s driverless cars, Americans have been infatuated with the automobile. And companies in the automotive industry have been wooing them the entire time. Sometimes suitors need help, however. An automotive public relations firm can... Read more

What the Doctor Ordered

From online clinics to diagnostic tools to electronic records, information technology has transformed health care in the United States. The University of Illinois has found that IT has made treatment more accessible, improved care and efficiency, and bolstered disease control... Read more

Use PR to position yourself as an expert

One of the ways to raise the profile of a successful manufacturing business is for its leadership to become recognized by peers and prospective customers as experts in the field. This is where a manufacturing public relations firm can increase... Read more

Three boxes to check when hiring a B2B PR firm

Once you’ve decided you need to hire a public relations firm, selecting the right fit for your company will help determine whether the partnership thrives. Getting off on the right foot is just as important in hiring a business-to-business public relations... Read more

Four warning signs you might need a new PR firm

If you’re a successful business owner, you have become an expert in your field. Public relations, though, is not your forte. That’s why you hire a public relations firm. But how do you know if you’re getting your money’s worth?... Read more

B2B public relations – Different audiences demand different approaches

In public relations, a firm’s approach depends on its audience. For example, a product recall typically triggers a public relations crisis. An automobile manufacturer, say, recalls millions of vehicles because the transmission system in certain models can freeze up without... Read more

Dominate social media with strategic posts and tactical tweets

Social media has fragmented the ways we communicate, and it seems the number of platforms grows every year. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Instagram. Reddit. YouTube. The proliferation of platforms can be overwhelming. Most companies are too focused on their mission to... Read more

Preparation can protect your franchise brand

All it takes to ruin the reputation of a franchise company is one rogue franchisee who commits a grievous error that attracts media attention. The proverbial bad apple can indeed spoil the whole bunch. Franchisors need to reduce the risk... Read more

Smart PR can shift your automotive business into overdrive

Cars have become so smart they can drive themselves, but driving even the most innovative products to customers still requires a steady hand on the wheel. Technological advances such as biometric vehicle access and driver override systems are right around... Read more

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