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Using PR to establish your construction company as a good corporate citizen

Your construction company has a complicated roadmap to manage to get a project to completion. How you get there is just as important as the building that stands at the finish line. It’s one thing to get the job done.... Read more

5 things your East Tennessee company can do to give back and generate good PR

Your company is rooted in East Tennessee, surrounded by both the beauty of the mountains, and the hearts of the people, and you can’t imagine doing business anywhere else. But are you maximizing your roots and longevity in the area... Read more

3 reasons your B2B tech company needs PR

You have the innovation, solutions, and are developing and improving new technology tools to help businesses improve efficiency, train employees, and streamline processes. Isn’t it time that more key decision makers in your target market know about your technology and... Read more

Why you shouldn’t wait to add a PR partner to your home service business

Whether you’re just starting out serving your community with plumbing, heating and air, pest control or other home services, or you’re a multi-generation family business, you can’t afford to wait to start your PR efforts. Does this sound familiar? “I’ll... Read more

Experience the benefits of PR for your plumbing manufacturing company

Your customers have come to know they can count on you to provide the latest in quality plumbing products. And they’re willing to put their name and business behind the products you manufacture. And now you’d like more companies to... Read more

Use PR to share your manufacturing company’s growth journey

You may not be the only company that manufactures a particular product, but the story about your company and how it got started is absolutely unique. A manufacturing public relations partner such as Ripley PR can help you discover the... Read more

Construct a Case Study for your Success Stories

When you’re in the business of solving problems, letting people know about your solutions and innovation can be key to landing your next big project. A case study isn’t just about presenting facts and figures.  Rather, it tells the story... Read more

Focus on Franchisees to promote your brand with PR

Franchisors and franchisees – they need each other’s success to thrive. Your franchisees bring their individual strengths and backgrounds to lead your newest location and are a part of the overall scaling and growth journey for your company. The way... Read more

Explore media maneuvers with manufacturing public relations

You’re probably already familiar with publications that are dedicated to your specific trade and the manufacturing space, and they’re a great place to learn about the latest trends and issues in your industry. Maybe you’ve even shared some of your... Read more

Put your manufacturing company on the map using PR

When I was a reporter, I thoroughly enjoyed the days when I got to share the story of “do you know what is made here”?  I loved the hometown pride that came through with sharing how a product came to... Read more

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