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RTX Wheels Selects Ripley PR as Public Relations Agency of Record

Canada’s leading auto wheel company partners with experienced automotive and B2B PR agency as it expands into U.S. market RONKONKOMA, N.Y. – May 16, 2019 – RTX Wheels, a division of THIBERT and Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive... Read more

Recruiting Manufacturing Employees During a Labor Shortage

The manufacturing world is changing and that brings challenges like a tight labor market, higher material costs, and increased global competition. Manufacturers can’t just continue to do business as they always have – they need to evolve to thrive. The... Read more

Your B2B Success Requires Visibility

If your B2B company wants to sell anything, businesses and decision-makers have to know about you. These days, that means placing high in search results, whether in a browser or through voice search on a smartphone. The Building Blocks of... Read more

Image Drives Success for Automotive Industry

When people pick out a vehicle, there is a lot that goes into that decision. Consumers may evaluate price, features, and environmental impact, but two key factors are brand trust and vehicle image – what type of person do they... Read more

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Soup up your automotive PR strategy

After a house and possibly a college education, a car is the largest purchase an individual is likely to make over the course of a lifetime. But buying a new car can be a terrible investment. As soon as you... Read more

5 Ways to Increase B2B Leads

When your customer is a business, paid advertising will only get you so far. A lot of professionals decide they need a product or service, then they do their own research into potential partners. While ads can help with brand... Read more

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Every link in the supply chain can use a good PR firm

Whenever you buy a vehicle, you buy the nameplate. Ford. Toyota. Chevrolet. BMW. Ferrari (lucky you). But you also buy what’s under the hood. Automotive assembly companies have an obvious need for public relations and advertising firms to help them... Read more

Manufacturers: Use PR for Production of Leads, Employees, and Recognition

Manufacturers produce something tangible, usually something you can see and touch. They are skilled experts in their industry. However, they may not be expert at promoting their brand, products, people, or position as an influential employer. They may view public... Read more

Environmentally Conscious Businesses Earn Goodwill

Companies all over the country are taking notice of the movement toward adopting environmentally conscious practices in their everyday activities. The trend is a win-win for businesses in many ways. By showing your company’s eco-friendly efforts, you’ll be supporting the... Read more

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When Your Customer is a Business…

When you have a phenomenal B2B product or service, you may wonder why business owners or managers aren’t beating down your door. You’ve done some great things, but it didn’t prompt the explosive growth you expected. The truth is —... Read more

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