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KickCharge Creative names Ripley PR agency of record

Small-business branding specialists select award-winning home services public relations agency to deliver PR experience and expertise KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Jan. 12, 2021 – KickCharge Creative, an award-winning branding agency specializing in small business marketing for contractors, has selected Ripley PR,... Read more

Recruiting Construction Talent Using Public Relations

In the months ahead, construction businesses like yours will have to ramp up recruiting as the industry is expected to recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19 during the first half of 2020. To find the skilled laborers you need,... Read more

B2B Public Relations Uses Social Media to Give Your Brand an Image Makeover

When clients consider your B2B brand, they are doing to do their homework. And, what other what they find out about your brand online is going to have a huge impact on whether they decide to do business with you... Read more

Car trade show.

Automotive Trade Shows: 3 Things Your Brand Needs to Try

It’s true that many trade shows have been cancelled for 2020, but in place of in-person events, many show organizers are switching gears and embracing virtual trade shows. So, with that in mind, Ripley PR, an automotive public relations agency,... Read more

During COVID-19, Open Communication with Plumbing Franchise Clients and Employees is Crucial

Even during a worldwide pandemic certain businesses are considered essential and have been continuing to provide services to the public and other businesses. If you own a plumbing franchise business, you know this already. Your technicians are entering businesses and... Read more

Franchise public relations is helping this man do this thing.

Why It’s Important to Hire A PR Agency That Understands Your Industry

Why does your franchise brand need a public relations strategy? That’s a trick question. All franchise brands, no matter what they do, need a franchise public relations agency that understands the industry they’re in, specializing in both franchising as a... Read more

We imagine B2B tech offices look something like this.

Cut the Costs of Customer Acquisition with B2B Tech PR

Public relations isn’t just for the largest tech companies. It can be critical to the B2B tech providers who cater to the often-overlooked home service and construction sectors. Whether you’re creating tools to help general contractors save money or to... Read more

Reach your buyers where they are with B2B PR!

You Need a B2B PR Agency that Keeps Its Eyes and Ears Open

For B2B companies, building brand awareness is key. Business owners need to understand how their brand is being talked about in the press and on social media. A good B2B public relations partner can keep an ear to the ground... Read more

Drive into the future with Automotive PR!

How PR Can Help Your Auto Brand Stay Relevant in Changing Times

It’s no secret that both car culture and the way our culture views cars have been changing dramatically over the past 10 years. Electric cars, self-driving technology and the idea of driverless cities are making headlines. What should your automotive... Read more

Smart homes don't have to be scary with home service PR

Home Service PR Can Make You the Smart Choice

As our lives, and the products in them, become more high-tech and interconnected, home service companies stand to become a crucial part of how consumers adopt electric cars and smart homes. However, many customers looking into these technologies may be... Read more

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