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Build a superior brand with construction PR

The economic upheaval of the last several years has contributed to a hypercompetitive market for construction firms. Because of shutdowns, supply chain disruption, global inflation and chronic labor shortages, contractors must take advantage of every opportunity to drive revenue and... Read more

Powerful blog posts can boost franchise success

A lot of franchise executives and managers wonder what the big deal is about a blog. Their company has one. Somebody updates it every now and then. Nobody can tell whether it does any good or not, but everybody knows... Read more

Manufacturing PR is key to product launch success

Many companies understand the investment required to develop a new product. Few executives need to be convinced that they should budget for research and development, market testing, engineering and other processes that generate new goods to deliver to market. Too... Read more

How PR can enhance your brewery’s brand

Imagine this situation: A new regional brewery has just announced a new round of capital funding to support expansion. A successful public relations partnership results in significant media coverage in local and trade publications, attracting the interest of potential investors... Read more

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Become a household name with franchise public relations

National brand awareness helps franchise businesses reach new markets. It’s a lot easier to successfully open franchise locations in new territories if customers in that area are familiar with your brand. But many franchise marketing efforts are focused on driving... Read more

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Manage Uncertainty With Manufacturing PR

Supply chain disruptions have been a persistent challenge for the American economy in recent years. Many businesses, particularly in manufacturing, are continuing to struggle with shortages of materials and goods, increased costs and workforce volatility that have transformed the economic... Read more

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Prepare for Uncertainty With B2B PR

Technology’s impact on B2B industries over the last several years has been transformative – and it’s set to accelerate as companies recognize the full potential of a range of applications and emerging tech such as software, AI, analytics and automation.... Read more

Automotive PR can help your brand thrive in the EV revolution

Electric vehicles are transforming the automotive industry in more ways than one. Besides helping reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, EVs are driving radical changes in how cars are bought and sold. Many EV manufacturers sell directly to... Read more

Franchisees have compelling stories that can help your brand, and franchise public relations can help.

Franchise PR supports growth and maximizes media placement

For franchise businesses, visibility is key. Nothing powers franchise growth like a successful new location. A thriving franchise reflects positively on the franchisee, his or her employees, and especially the franchise itself. But it’s hard for most people to see... Read more

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Overcome the challenges of 2022 with manufacturing PR

Two of the top trends for manufacturing identified by Deloitte’s 2022 industry outlook won’t surprise anyone. Leading the list are workforce shortages and supply chain instability, two familiar challenges that have frustrated the industry for the last two years. (Smart... Read more

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