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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of B2B Public Relations

Conventional wisdom says any publicity is good publicity. There are plenty of exceptions to that rule, but it tends to be more relevant for B2C companies than B2B ones. Reaching the widest possible audience pays off more when your top... Read more

4 Myths About Blue-Collar Careers

The home service industry has been hit especially hard by the ongoing labor shortage. Plumbing, HVAC and electrical service providers have struggled to stay on pace with consumer demand as fewer and fewer high school graduates pursue careers in the... Read more

Three Benefits of Construction Tech PR

The construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology. But in the last few years, there’s been a surge in tech innovations for building projects. Software to manage workflows and jobsites, drone cameras, offsite building and 3D printing have... Read more

How To Build Your Business With Franchise Public Relations

You’ve got a great franchise concept. You’ve set up a system that works. But the phone calls and emails aren’t coming in — or you can’t convert the ones you get into new deals. So, what’s your next step? That... Read more

Three Ways PR Can Pay Off For Your Construction Company

You invest in your construction company — time and energy, tools, materials and manpower. But what good is all that effort if no one knows your company name or what you do? Construction public relations is one important investment that’s... Read more

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3 Reasons Good PR Is Essential for B2B Businesses

Public relations can deliver the tangible results business leaders want Skepticism about PR can be especially strong among B2B companies. For distributors and manufacturers who sell primarily to other businesses, the markets are more narrow than they are for consumer-facing... Read more

How PR can connect your B2B technology with tech-averse customers

The market for tech products is fiercely competitive. It’s also enormously profitable for the companies that manage to separate themselves from the rest of the field. There are several ways to differentiate your tech product or service. The tech has... Read more

How PR can help manufacturers beat the labor shortage

Americans think manufacturing jobs are essential to the 21st-century economy. Eighty-three percent of us say manufacturing is important to the country’s overall economic prosperity, and seven in 10 say the U.S. should invest more in manufacturing jobs. That’s according to... Read more

Technology can set your construction company apart, but only if the message reaches potential clients

Construction is a rapidly changing industry. Technology, from AI and virtual reality to management software, is increasing efficiency and allowing contractors to complete projects faster and cheaper, and to do more with less. But many people – including some of... Read more

Tell a story that sets your business apart with franchise PR

A public relations agency can’t turn a lousy franchise into a great one. Without a fantastic product or service, or a reliable franchise system, even the most dedicated PR firm won’t help in the modern hypercompetitive market. But a good... Read more

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