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Construction employees smiling because construction public relations is helping them grow.

How PR boosts the construction tech solutions you’ve built

The world of sales revolves around the idea of introducing a solution to the customer’s problem. Your strategy in construction technology is no different. You are consistently coming up with new solutions that provide ease and efficiency to your client’s... Read more

Plumber from a home service franchise checks underneath a sink

Three Tips for Building Your Home Service PR Strategy

It’s tempting to focus on the daily work of running a home service business and let public relations take care of itself. After all, if you take care of clients, they’ll take care of you, right? But the truth is... Read more

How PR helps HVAC pros beat the summer squeeze

The summer of 2021 is going to be memorable for HVAC contractors. With record-setting heat projected in most of the United States, demand for HVAC services is expected to reach unprecedented levels. At the same time, the manpower and material... Read more

Female Asian doctor with African American doctor looking over charts on tablet

How PR can help healthcare IT providers find a path forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. Staffing issues, patchwork record-keeping, burnout and the unequal, inefficient distribution of resources have all contributed to the public image of an industry in crisis. As our country gradually... Read more

Why Home Service Contractors Need Better Photos

A new basic smartphone has more advanced camera technology than many DSLRs of a few years ago. Even with such powerful tools in their pockets, however, too many home service contractors still make a failing first impression on potential customers... Read more

Serving Up Kindness: The Importance of Partnering with Nonprofit Organizations

Many home service contractors give back to their communities. They raise money for schools and animal shelters. They collect food and supplies for areas impacted by natural disasters. They support scholarships and youth sports, or they contribute their time and... Read more

PR can prepare contractors for projected building boom

The construction industry should see a major rebound in 2021. According to a recent article by Joe Bousquin in Construction Dive, many observers predict a surge in new building later this year. In fact, the industry’s recovery after the coronavirus-related... Read more

PR Can Lift Content From Ho-Hum To Compelling

“Craft compelling content” — that’s perennial advice for B2B companies looking to build an online presence and attract new leads. So, business owners roll up their sleeves, recruit a willing employee or family member as content director and start spending... Read more

Tell your home service business story with Ripley PR

How PR can make the difference for contractors

Hiring the wrong team member can be a frustrating experience for home service contractors. Besides lost time and sunken costs, there’s the potential for negative customer experiences with long-term impact. Experienced and well-trained employees, on the other hand, can provide... Read more

PR can create a more attractive home service conversion franchise opportunity

Many independent home services business owners eventually reach a plateau. They’re doing fine – they may even be considered a wild success by friends and colleagues. But there’s another level they want to reach, and they don’t know how to... Read more

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