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Earned media is exactly the push you need

Contech is a crowded industry and it can be challenging to convince prospects that your solutions is the obvious choice to address their pain points. Winning customers over before direct contact is made is a great way to ensure success... Read more

Construction Public Relations

Out building the competition? Time to outshine them, too

As read on CNN, new home construction and improvement have been surging due to a lack of availability of existing homes and an influx of work from home opportunities over the last year and a half. This screams that opportunity... Read more

Graph showing growth

Using PR to Speed Up the Sales Cycle

According to Startup Talky and First Page Sage, the average cost of acquiring a new customer in the B2B Tech space is between $300 and $400 USD. Keeping your B2B technology business growing rapidly requires a large amount time and... Read more

Manufacturing Public Relations

A (Virtual) Night to Remember

As the number of vaccinated people continues to increase, COVID restrictions are lifting in many areas. This is great news, but work, life, and events will be impacted by lessons we have learned for years to come. Virtual events have... Read more

construction public relations

Time to Build a Better Social Media Blueprint

When it comes to sharing some of the largest or most complex projects your construction firm has recently taken on or finished, working with a team of PR pros who truly understands construction public relations is critical to getting the... Read more

man shaking hands on franchise deal

Build Your Franchise Brand With A PR Strategy

Whether your franchise brand has recently begun to expand or is already well-established, evaluating your go-to-market strategy is always a good move. There are so many competing brands out there and even more franchise choices entering the market every single... Read more

A Knoxville city scape featuring the sunshphere.

Think outside the Sunsphere — National Exposure for Knox-based Tech

Tech companies are on the rise in eastern Tennessee. By working with an agency that understands Knoxville public relations and has global experience, these companies can get the feel of a hometown partnership but with national reach. Why public relations?... Read more

PR is a Great Way to Share Your Green Thinking

Your manufacturing company works hard to ensure effective sustainability initiatives are in place, but it can be challenging to nail the perfect way to publicize these initiatives and achievements among your stakeholders. By having a strategy in place to show... Read more

Don’t Let Customer Calls Go Down the Drain

It can be difficult for a plumbing company to stick out from the crowd. You may have the friendliest CSRs, an easy to navigate website, and the highest review average in your area but this still may not be enough... Read more

2 Ways PR Creates Loyalty in Automotive Business

Understanding how to build up customer loyalty as an automotive B2B brand is one of the best goals to set your sights on. It can be challenging to uncover the formula needed to draw the attention of decision makers in... Read more

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