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Let Ripley PR help you own your tech company’s verticals

As a B2B tech startup, you probably already know the vertical markets you should focus on to get the word out about your SaaS-based solutions. But do you know how to own your verticals by positioning yourself as the leader... Read more

Expedite your manufacturing growth with PR

The COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain issues left an indelible mark on the world. American companies were unable to stock supermarket shelves, finish vehicles sitting on production lines or even get parts to fix heating and cooling systems. Unsurprisingly, the... Read more

PR helps you find qualified franchisees to grow your brand

If you have a great business, you need great people to help you expand your franchise into other markets. But gaining the attention of the right people to become franchisees can sometimes be a tricky gambit. You need to promote... Read more

Want to help Ukrainians? These top charities are providing relief.

Many of us have been glued to social media and television since the morning of Feb. 24 when Russian forces launched a multi-pronged invasion of neighboring Ukraine. Many of us are still in shock at this development. Since that time,... Read more

Show how you’ve grown. Get your message out to the media with PR.

Your home services business is growing, you’re hiring new employees and your work is exemplary. But getting this message out to the general public and potential clients can be limited if you aren’t using the power of earned media to... Read more

Tell your company’s story with creative content

If you’ve ever wondered how your competitors are landing spots on the news, are called upon to lead discussions or are considered thought-leaders within your industry, the answer may surprise you. They are creating content. This content isn’t just words... Read more

Construction tech PR gives your company something to talk about

Your firm has developed a time- and money-saving piece of technology that will revolutionize the construction industry – if only builders knew about it. Communicating information about your latest innovation to the right audience is sometimes a daunting task. Not... Read more

Build your manufacturing company’s profile with public relations

As the head of a manufacturing company, you understand engineering, design, personnel and all the things that go into developing your products. But do you understand your company’s brand or how to tell the public your organization’s story? Manufacturing companies... Read more

Public relations keeps you at the top of your clients’ minds

In the world of construction technology, new ideas and tools to improve efficiency develop at breakneck speed. Keeping your company’s name and brand at the forefront of a contractor’s mind when trends change constantly is a challenge that is best... Read more

PR helps manufacturers build their brand

A recognizable brand, a good reputation and increased visibility are as important to the manufacturing sector as they are for their counterparts in retail, but manufacturing public relations is often overlooked in the industry. A Deloitte study shows that manufacturing... Read more

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