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B2B coimpany culture

Use PR to Improve Your B2B Company’s Culture

If your company is struggling to recruit new employees, you may have already discovered that you’ll need to offer more to recruits than a compensation package. A recent Glassdoor survey found that 77% of potential employees consider a company’s culture... Read more

Need to Talk to the Media? Franchise PR Can Help you Reach Them

Most franchisors know that in order to grow, they have to evaluate their plans and implement good systems. But if you’re not reaching a wider audience that is receptive to joining your franchise family, all the internal improvements aren’t enough.... Read more

Publicize your construction company's accomplishments with proven construction PR tactics.

Building a Big Project? PR Gets it in the News!

As a leader in the construction industry, you probably know the value of getting your name in the news. And one of the best ways for a construction company to do that is by showcasing your work. After all, a... Read more

manufacturing professionals

Maximize the Value of Your Brand with PR

Building a brand that lasts is important for any company that wants long-term growth. For manufacturers, brand development is essential if they want to build a reputation for quality and reliability. One of the best ways to maximize your value... Read more

Your B2B Marketing Strategy is not Complete Without PR

Most savvy business owners know they have to spend money to make money. And, in many cases, they are spending that money on marketing and advertising. But if you aren’t including B2B public relations as part of your marketing budget,... Read more

pr fills your sales funnel

Fill Your Sales Funnel with Compelling PR Content

Since the mid-1990s, everyone from Bill Gates to your marketing manager has assured us that content is king. And that advice is still true, but only to a certain extent. If you’re looking to bring in quality leads, you have... Read more

PR Uses the Power of Your Press Release to Generate Leads

Most people consider a press release to be one of the most effective ways to get your message out to the media. But did you know you can use a press release to help your manufacturing company generate leads while... Read more

B2B public relations helps a brand maximize trade show time.

Make Your Booth the Life of the Expo with Manufacturing PR

As anyone who has been to a trade show knows, the time, effort and cost of putting together a display is an intensive effort that can cost thousands of dollars. With that in mind, you should make sure your company... Read more

home service company charitable giving

Become the Home Service Company That Cares with the Right PR

After years of hard work, your home service company has made it – it’s become prominent and is earning consistent revenue. So you’ve decided to start a companywide giving program to help the community that has made you so successful.... Read more

build excitement around construction projects

Don’t Let a PR Crisis Tear Down Your Construction Company

You’ve spent years building your construction company’s brand and developing a positive reputation throughout your community. Then a crisis happens and your business image is at risk of being tarnished, sometimes even unfairly. But, if you have developed a construction... Read more

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