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Highlight your franchisees’ success with PR

You’ve developed a winning business model for your company and decided to franchise your idea. But, in order to really succeed in franchising, you’ll need to invest in some franchise public relations to make your business grow. One way to... Read more

How to Beat your East Tennessee Competition with Keywords

While East Tennessee often presents a vision of down-home charm, it’s still impacted by technology. Business here is driven by the power of the internet. The modern buyer’s journey is often shaped by what they find on their mobile devices... Read more

PR gives your manufacturing company’s booth the buzz

Now that in-person trade shows are back following the virtual hiatus the pandemic demanded, it’s time to consider if you’re getting the traffic to your booth that you deserve. After all, your manufacturing company spends hundreds, if not thousands, of... Read more

Create your own value: use earned media to showcase your franchise’s growth

In a world filled with social media clickbait, annoying web jingles and over-produced ads, it’s sometimes hard to get your franchise’s successes noticed above the din. Not only are many media outlets downsizing or even folding up shop, the competition... Read more

Don’t let bad customer reviews ruin your brand

When a potential customer needs a plumber or an HVAC repairman, the first place they turn to is the internet to learn more about their local choices. And if the first thing they see are bad reviews about your company,... Read more

Case studies are read, trusted and should be used to show you’re the expert

When business consumers want to purchase products or services, they want to know what the experts think. They trust academics, technical experts, and, most of all, they trust other satisfied customers within their industry. That’s why case studies are one... Read more

White papers boost your manufacturing brand

When you need to solve a problem, how often do you search out more detailed information on that problem to try and find a solution? If you’re like most people, you probably do this frequently. And, when you find the... Read more

Pick a PR agency that understands the franchise industry

As a franchise owner, you know that you have two sets of clients that you have to cater to when you are building out your marketing budget: the consumers who use your products or services and business leaders who may... Read more

PR helps your home service company weather the shoulder seasons

For many plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical companies, calls for service are just the opposite of Goldilocks’ porridge: when it’s not too hot or too cold, business is not “just right.” In fact, business in the spring and fall... Read more

Let Ripley PR help you own your tech company’s verticals

As a B2B tech startup, you probably already know the vertical markets you should focus on to get the word out about your SaaS-based solutions. But do you know how to own your verticals by positioning yourself as the leader... Read more

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