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Who is your Franchisee?

When it comes to building your franchise brand, you need to speak to a wide audience to attract the most potential franchisees. For instance, meet Greg. He has a successful career in finance. He has spent 25 years climbing the... Read more


The Automotive Love Story

There isn’t anything quite like the relationship with your car. Your first car gives you freedom and autonomy – something a teenager wants more than anything else. Your family car carries memories of bringing your children safely home from the... Read more

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Branding Needs to Extend to Your Customer Reviews

While you should try your hardest, you may not be able to turn the reviewer’s experience around. Keep your other customers in mind when you respond as they likely will be more interested in how you resolved a complaint than the context of the complaint itself. Read more

Engaging with Millennial Stakeholders

ns has evolved quite a bit with the advancement of social platforms and big developments in technology tools. Here are some strategies to consider when engaging with your millennial audience: Read more

Closing the Gap Between Tech and Construction

Productivity and a skilled labor shortage are big challenges in the construction industry. Construction productivity has remained stagnant for 8 decades and with a smaller labor pool, construction professionals need technological solutions for boosting efficiency and streamlining job-site management. Read more

B2B Public Relations to Beat Out the Competition

Your audience wants to get to know you before you ever meet in person. They have a right to know who they are considering and you have the opportunity to gain their trust through great B2B public relations. Read more

Manufacturing PR, Manufacturing public releations

Manufacturing PR Keeps your Company Healthy

The health of your manufacturing company has many more layers than profit margin alone. An effective PR strategy can promote your company to keep investors interested and entice new recruits.  Small changes in manufacturing make for big stories. Effective manufacturing... Read more

Franchise PR

Making the Leap from Business Owner to Franchisor?

You had a great idea, grew a successful business, and now you have dreams of making your business a household name. The decisions you make early on as a franchisor affect your business for years to come. You are confident... Read more

B2B, You Have an Audience, What Are You Putting Out There?

Positioning yourself as a customer satisfaction leader is more important than ever for B2B. The digital age has given companies much more visibility when choosing a vendor. What are you putting out there? Is it effective? B2B companies have thrived... Read more

The Favorite Local Expert

Home service tradesmen are an invaluable asset to homeowners. Your home needs a check-up just like your dental and wellness. How do you become a local household name and build a steady clientele? Here are some ways you can boost... Read more

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