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Does your home service b2b company need help promoting its sustainability initiatives?

Are You Promoting Your Sustainability Initiatives to Home Service Companies?

In today’s crowded marketplace, it can be difficult for the manufacturers serving home service contractors to ensure that their products stand out amongst all the competition. Since a lot of home service businesses are looking for more sustainable solutions these... Read more

Social media illustration

Dealing with Social Media Controversy Through Public Relations

Home service franchises aren’t immune to crises. These days, it’s easier than ever for any brand to become the subject of scrutiny because of a controversial social media statement by an employee or a location owner. All it takes is... Read more

Contech illustration

Promoting Construction Tech in Challenging Times

Sometimes challenging times mean new opportunities. Tech companies are in a position to capitalize on the accelerating adoption of technology by the construction industry. Although the industry as a whole had already begun shedding its traditional reluctance to adopt new... Read more

Construction image.

Building a Better Future with Construction PR

With pandemic-related strictures easing over past weeks as the U.S. economy re-opens, construction companies need to put the hammer down on raising their visibility. Whatever else you can say about COVID-19, it continues to spur the adoption of new technologies... Read more

Your B2B tech company needs B2B tech public relations.

Is Your Home Service B2B Tech Company Prepared for a Crisis?

As a home service B2B tech company, you’re always ready to help out your clients as soon as a crisis strikes. But are you ready if it is your own company being affected? If you haven’t already developed a crisis... Read more

3 Tips to Beat the Shoulder Season

Seasonality. It’s one of the key challenges home service businesses face. There are times with high consumer demand, whether due to seasonal breakdowns, frozen pipes or peak building season. And there are slow times when the phone just won’t ring.... Read more

Has COVID-19 Changed Franchise Discovery Days?

Discovery Days are a fixture of the franchise industry. It’s a chance for prospects and their spouses to come to headquarters, experience the company culture and lifestyle, meet the corporate team, and maybe even enjoy some time in a getaway... Read more

Knoxville businesses

4 Ways PR Can Grow Your Knoxville Business

Is there anything better than a hometown success story? A mom-and-pop shop on the grow, or an amazing brand launching to the national stage, all of these are the stuff of the American dream. So, if you’re a Knoxville or... Read more


Shoring Up the Supply Chain (and Your Reputation)

Outside of purchasing departments, supply chain logistics have never been very top of mind for most people, but that’s changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has frayed supply chains throughout every industry, including manufacturing, and now shareholders, decisionmakers and the general public... Read more

Your Home Service B2B Business Helped During COVID-19. Tell the Story with PR.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed unprecedented strain on the home service industry. Designated essential services, these professionals continued to serve homes during the crisis. At the same time, homeowners were canceling maintenance and new equipment installations out of fear of infection.... Read more

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