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Why PR Should Be in Your Construction Marketing Plan

Construction contractors had a rough 2020, but pent-up demand for building projects is expected to break loose in the months and years ahead. Once that happens, companies like yours will find themselves facing stiff competition for contracts and employees. Writing... Read more

Promoting Your Supply Chain with Healthcare IT PR

With the vaccination efforts for COVID-19 underway, attention continues to grow about the important of healthcare supply chain logistics. Writing in Healthcare IT News, Kat Jerich reports that the vaccination efforts have highlighted the need for healthcare organizations to better... Read more

Earned Media Coverage Creates Franchise Brand Buzz

Even in the age of the internet, it’s still useful for franchise brands to receive coverage in newspapers or magazines. But this means more than buying an advertisement. Potential franchisees are going to look at advertisements with an understandably jaded... Read more

The Positive Power of Home Service PR

Home service is one of the most competitive industries around. Whether you do heating and air, plumbing, electrical, garage doors, pest control or all of the above, you know the pressures of a crowded marketplace. How to stick out from... Read more

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How to Leverage Public Relations for Franchise Growth

Public relations is a pivotal part of any growth strategy for a franchise brand. Here at Ripley PR, we understand the important role that franchise public relations can play in boosting your growth and visibility. If your franchise brand is... Read more

Healthcare IT company responds to a crisis

Into the (Healthcare IT) Breach

How Will Your Healthcare IT Company Respond to Crisis? As a healthcare IT innovator, you’ve shouldered a lot of responsibility. A flaw in your programming or in your product’s security could put patient records or, even lives, at risk. But... Read more

Now is the Time for B2B Logistics Tech to Shine

Does your company provide B2B tech tools to enhance and protect supply chains for manufacturers, distributors, and, ultimately, the consumer? It the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, as companies worldwide reassess the strength and resiliency of their supply chains, now... Read more

Is your Knoxville Business an Important Link in the Supply Chain?

Manufacturers in Knoxville and East Tennessee have weathered many challenges over the years. The disruptions caused to global supply chains by- COVID-19 are just the latest. Now, manufacturers must reassure their own shareholders, client base, purchasers and decisionmakers and the... Read more

Give Your Home Service Company a Name the Public Recognizes

Home service companies like yours have been real heroes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, working hard to keep customers safe and comfortable in their homes. But current challenges will pass, and business owners can’t stop thinking about making their companies stronger... Read more

Using Case Studies to Promote Your Home Service B2B Company

Seeing may be believing, but getting home service contractors to take a look at your B2B company’s products might take a little work. Plumbing appliance manufacturers like yours need to be able to educate contractors about the solutions you offer.... Read more

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