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How Strategic PR can Help your Knoxville Business Prosper and Grow

The Knoxville area is a great place to live and own a business. Having roots in this area made my choice of locating a business here easy, and I can truthfully say it’s been one of the best decisions I... Read more

3 Ways Press Releases Can Generate Leads for Your Healthcare IT Business

The demand for healthcare IT applications is growing. As more hospitals and medical practices look for ways to improve and streamline their patient services, they are searching for companies like yours to partner with. The medical and healthcare communities need... Read more

Why B2B Tech Companies Need Public Relations to Grow their Clout

Getting attention for your B2B tech company isn’t as easy as just paying for an advertisement or commercial. Reaching business decisionmakers isn’t the same as reaching consumers. That’s why your best bet is to partner with an experienced B2B tech... Read more

How Public Relations Can Help Your Chimney and Fireplace Business

It’s true that business can run hot and cold for chimney and fireplace repair businesses throughout the course of a year. With a seasonal business model, it can take some ingenuity to keep the calls coming in during warmer seasons.... Read more

Does your automotive business need a specialist PR agency or a generalist?

For automotive technology companies like yours, 2020 has been challenging to say the least. It’s true that sales have lagged this year in many sectors, but your business can regain its momentum by partnering with an experienced PR firm. While... Read more

Press Releases can Boost Your Credibility

Press releases, when used as part of a strategic PR plan for a home service company, can get picked up by your local media and help build your positive reputation and credibility. Press releases aren’t all the same, however, so... Read more

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Giving is Good Home Service PR

Happy Holidays! During this season of giving, it’s natural to think about how to support the less fortunate and other good causes. At Ripley PR, we know that contractors are generous and supportive of their local communities. Although they don’t... Read more

5 Ways Digital Strategies to Maintain your B2B Edge

The future is uncertain, but one thing is clear. Business must continue to evolve. How do you switch from your past B2B public relations strategies to new ones? It might be time to hire professional help by engaging an experienced... Read more

3 tips to improve your medical device company’s content marketing strategy

During COVID-19, many businesses were devastated. But in the healthcare and medical device field, business never slowed down, and in fact, media jumped on healthcare-related stories non-stop. Many organizations could have used the help of a healthcare IT public relations... Read more

COVID-19 Disrupted Manufacturing; PR can Highlight the Upside

At the end of 2019, the manufacturing industry was already experiencing slower growth than in 2018, and there were some mixed concerns about a tight job market, less hiring, supply chain issues and tariff worries. Then, even though there was... Read more

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