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Pay It Forward with Franchise PR

Charitable giving is a great thing, but it’s obvious that people pay attention to what causes franchise brands and location owners contribute money toward. See almost any Facebook discussion about fast food chicken sandwiches, and you’ll learn quickly that consumers... Read more

Revving Up Your Automotive Tech Brand

As the age of the internal combustion engine begins to draw to a close, the world of automotive tech is evolving more quickly than ever. Innovation is the name of the game, and companies have their work cut out for... Read more

Protecting Your Healthcare IT Brand

As cybercriminals continue targeting the healthcare industry, any company dealing with patient data has to be prepared to deal with the aftermath of a breach. A Healthcare Dive article about the rising number of ransomware attacks in the industry quoted... Read more

Your Knoxville Business Needs a Better PR Agency

The team at Ripley PR, a dedicated Knoxville public relations agency, is proud to champion East Tennessee businesses. We’re a global public relations agency that can help your company raise its profile beyond the region and reach the national audience... Read more

Making the Right Impression with Manufacturing PR

In manufacturing, quality control is king. After all, who will keep buying defective products? Consistent quality should one of the top selling points of any business. So, with all the time and spent making sure that your company’s products are... Read more

PR is Franchise Brand-Aid

Franchise brands like yours could be sitting on top of untapped wells of public relations power and not even realize it. When it comes boosting your brand’s image, don’t underestimate the strength of putting the stories of your existing franchise... Read more

Why Webinars Should Be Part of Your Marketing

Manufacturers have a great tool at their disposal to boost their reputation and increase the visibility for their brands. Webinars are an effective way to generate more leads and build goodwill. So, why are webinars so helpful? When a decision-maker... Read more

Stay Calm with a Solid Construction Tech Crisis Plan

It’s a fact of life. Your construction tech business is going to experience a crisis at some point. It’s not a matter of if. It’s a question of when. A crisis can take many forms. It could be an extended... Read more

Are Amateurs Ruining Your Social Media Strategy?

Knoxville businesses looking to take the national stage can’t afford to ignore the role of social media in their public relations and marketing efforts. Having an active, engaging social media presence helps increase your visibility and reach. The quality of... Read more

Silhouette of construction workers

Why PR Should Be in Your Construction Marketing Plan

Construction contractors had a rough 2020, but pent-up demand for building projects is expected to break loose in the months and years ahead. Once that happens, companies like yours will find themselves facing stiff competition for contracts and employees. Writing... Read more

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