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Gain More B2B Leads by Publishing Informative White Papers

White papers are often seen as an old-fashioned tactic that businesses rarely consider these days. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. White papers, when written to be informative rather than like a sales pitch, can be one of... Read more

What’s the Best Way for Automotive Businesses to Increase Sales During COVID-19?

During the last eight months, the automotive industry has seen some interesting trends. Not just in the U.S., but globally too. Just as COVID-19 has seen highs and lows in the numbers of those affected, American automotive industry trends are... Read more

Great Press Releases can Attract Investors to your Healthcare IT Business

Your healthcare IT business is in demand, thanks to the increase in need for technology advancements in the healthcare sector. Recent information published on healthinformatics’s website reports that 96% of hospitals and 78% of physician offices use electronic health record... Read more


Is Your HVAC Business’ Social Media Image the Best it can Be?

When was the last time you viewed your HVAC company’s social media pages? Knowing what your customers see when they research your business online (and they will) is essential to your success. Social media is how most of your HVAC... Read more

Who is managing your garage door franchise social media?

Today, home service franchise businesses need to be more professional with their online image than ever before. Just one post that sends the wrong message can put a big dent in your business’ reputation, and worse yet, recovering from even... Read more

What Makes a Great Client- Agency Relationship?

Maintaining and building any type of relationship is a moving target, and when I look at my agency’s relationships with clients, I see them being similar to both a marriage and an attorney-client relationship. In a marriage, you are building... Read more

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Are you using PR to transform your construction tech company into the industry leader?

  Construction technology is challenging the status quo in an industry that is just now starting to accept change and innovate with groundbreaking new tools including automation, artificial intelligence, and software that saves time and produces a more consistent product.... Read more

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Is your East Tennessee Tech Company Getting the PR it Deserves?

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place in the United States that can brag about its innovative tech companies. East Tennessee, including Knoxville and Maryville, is an area that is also a breeding ground for tech innovation. However, while being on... Read more

Are you Using Case Studies to Leverage New Leads for your B2B Construction Tech Business?

Effective lead generation funnels for B2B construction tech businesses is critical to their success. Some businesses use one main way to acquire new customers while others have developed several lead generation strategies. Some of those include attending trade shows, buying... Read more

Use Your Home Service Blogs to Boost SEO and Visibility

Every home service business wants their website and blog to appear at the top of a Google search. It’s true for any business, but for plumbing, heating, cooling, sewer or other home service businesses, your future depends upon it. Your... Read more

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