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Construction Tech Landscape

Are You Missing A Tool in Your Tool Belt?

The right public relations firm can help you find it! How many people still marvel at the combination of technology and construction? The team at Ripley PR knows that not only is it a powerful tool, but it’s here to... Read more

Brand Navigation for the Auto Industry

Let Ripley PR Take the Wheel The automotive industry is indeed changing. The future focus is on the use in order to make individual users’ lives more enjoyable, more efficient and safer.  According to Industry Week, a new study projects... Read more

No More Agency Fails for Franchisors

Not all B2B franchisors get the attention they need or deserve. Failed publicity efforts are no fun, not to mention time-consuming and costly.  If you’re a Franchisor, but aren’t reaching the right potential franchise location owners, growing your brand can... Read more

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