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Recruit Your Next Employee Using Manufacturing Public Relations

There are plenty of bottom-line benefits to hiring a manufacturing public relations firm, but one oft-overlooked function of effective PR is the dividends it can pay in recruiting. The U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage in trades and blue... Read more

Automotive assembly

Auto Parts Manufacturers Need PR, Too

Each car that rolls off an assembly line is a feat of modern engineering, with thousands of individual parts working in sync to produce a machine that can travel fast, carry an entire family across the country or tow a... Read more

B2B public relations meeting

3 Ways B2B PR Can Increase Profits

There are a lot of B2B public relations myths floating about, one of which is that PR can’t boost the bottom line for companies selling to other businesses. That’s not true at all. In fact, here are three ways (though... Read more


Assemble your role as an expert with manufacturing public relations

One of the main goals of manufacturing public relations is to position company leaders and field experts as the top authorities in their field. This is one way to improve your cache with your customers, potential clients and job seekers.... Read more

Worker at car manufacturing plant

Drive the conversation with automotive public relations

When people hear the word “automotive business,” a lot of times they think of car, truck, motorcycle and boat dealerships or large automakers like Ford or Toyota. However, the automotive industry encompasses many more segments, including parts manufacturers, after-market retailers... Read more

Construction meeting

Use PR to Manage Your Construction Business’s Reputation

In the construction industry, reputation means everything. The problem is that good reputations are generally built on shaky foundations. Sometimes one negative story or event can bring the whole house down. A company can build 100 sound structures in a... Read more

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