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Man holding card for franchise opportunity

Three reasons franchises need public relations

If you’re the director of franchise development for a franchising business, you might feel pulled in a lot of different directions. You have to sell more franchises in order to keep your job, but you also don’t want to abandon... Read more

Business meeting at cafe

Grow Your Business with B2B PR

When it comes to marketing and advertising, B2B companies don’t have as many options as consumer-facing companies. Their audiences tend to be smaller and more specific than B2C ventures. After all, anyone can drink a soda, but only a few... Read more

Plumber fixing pipe

The Positive Power of Home Service PR

Home service is one of the most competitive industries around, as those companies are constantly competing with rivals for customers and employees. Whether you do heating and air, plumbing, electrical, garage doors, pest control or some combination of the above,... Read more

Franchise public relations

The Multi-Layered Advantages of Franchise PR

Franchise businesses are unique in a lot of ways. They allow people to become entrepreneurs without having to build everything from the ground up. They give aspiring business owners a way of joining an established company that has brand recognition.... Read more

construction site

3 ways to use PR to increase sales for your construction app

Apple’s old advertising slogan, “there’s an app for that,”has never been more true since the iPhone debuted back in 2008. As smart phone use and the app markets have grown, technology has been able to permeate throughout every industry. Construction... Read more

Construction meeting

3 B2B Public Relations Myths to Put to Bed

At Ripley PR, one of our specialties is B2B public relations. We work with companies all across the globe that don’t sell a single item to consumers. Along the way, we’ve found that there are some misconceptions about public relations... Read more

Two warehouse workers

Recruit Your Next Employee Using Manufacturing Public Relations

There are plenty of bottom-line benefits to hiring a manufacturing public relations firm, but one oft-overlooked function of effective PR is the dividends it can pay in recruiting. The U.S. is facing a skilled labor shortage in trades and blue... Read more

Automotive assembly

Auto Parts Manufacturers Need PR, Too

Each car that rolls off an assembly line is a feat of modern engineering, with thousands of individual parts working in sync to produce a machine that can travel fast, carry an entire family across the country or tow a... Read more

B2B public relations meeting

3 Ways B2B PR Can Increase Profits

There are a lot of B2B public relations myths floating about, one of which is that PR can’t boost the bottom line for companies selling to other businesses. That’s not true at all. In fact, here are three ways (though... Read more


Assemble your role as an expert with manufacturing public relations

One of the main goals of manufacturing public relations is to position company leaders and field experts as the top authorities in their field. This is one way to improve your cache with your customers, potential clients and job seekers.... Read more

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