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5 Ways to Increase B2B Leads

When your customer is a business, paid advertising will only get you so far. A lot of professionals decide they need a product or service, then they do their own research into potential partners. While ads can help with brand... Read more

Manufacturers: Use PR for Production of Leads, Employees, and Recognition

Manufacturers produce something tangible, usually something you can see and touch. They are skilled experts in their industry. However, they may not be expert at promoting their brand, products, people, or position as an influential employer. They may view public... Read more

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When Your Customer is a Business…

When you have a phenomenal B2B product or service, you may wonder why business owners or managers aren’t beating down your door. You’ve done some great things, but it didn’t prompt the explosive growth you expected. The truth is —... Read more

Take Franchise Development to the Next Level

You have a great business. It’s so great, in fact, that you franchised it. What’s next? Successful franchise development requires a different strategy than the one that grew your business in the first place. Yes, you need to spread the... Read more

When it Comes to Public Relations, what is News?

When we think of the news, most of us picture breaking news broadcasts of shootings or political upheaval. That’s why some business owners say they don’t have any news to report (which is fortunate under those standards). But “news” includes... Read more

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Constructing Your Construction Image

Does Construction Really Need Public Relations? In the construction industry, professionals use materials to build structures. We can watch a store, bank, or school take shape into something concrete (sometimes literally). Public relations professionals also use resources to build something... Read more

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