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3 Keys to Catching Franchisees’ Attention with Franchise Public Relations

There’s a reason why construction workers wear neon clothing when doing road work, right? It’s so they can be seen. Shouldn’t you, as a franchisor, operate the same way? When trying to recruit new franchisees, it’s important for your franchise... Read more

3 Keys to Spreading Your B2B News

Do you still get the newspaper delivered? How about watching the 5:00 news? Or maybe you just scroll through social media, or a mix of all of these things? The way we consume news has completely changed in the last... Read more

3 Keys to Upping Your Social Media Game with Automotive PR

Has your social media game been stagnant lately? Have you wanted to scream your company’s message through a megaphone because you weren’t’ getting enough clicks via social? If so, it might be time to reevaluate your social strategy and consider... Read more

3 Keys to Trade Show Success for your B2B SaaS in 2022

When trying to grow a product and a company, one of the most important tasks is getting the product in front of more eyeballs and prospective users. Many companies turn to trade shows and special events to market their product,... Read more

3 Keys to Catching Contractors’ Attention with Contech PR

There’s an old urban legend that says red cars are more likely to get pulled over than mute colored cars. It’s said that the color is more likely to catch a police officer’s attention and will make the driver more... Read more

3 Keys to Promoting Franchise Culture with Social Media

Your franchise has a lot to offer, and it’s important for prospective franchisees to see it. One of the most important things franchisees look for in a franchise is the culture. How does it make them feel? Does it look... Read more

3 Keys to Connecting with Potential Franchisees

Any successful franchisor will tell you that growth is always top of mind. This could include new marketing strategies, penetrating a new business market, or recruiting new franchisees to join the team and help the company grow. As companies start... Read more

3 Keys to Reaching Your Target Audience Using PR

Reaching a target audience is one of the most important steps for a business to consider when trying to grow. Engaging a target audience can not only lead to more potential customers, but it can also help establish and progress... Read more

3 Reasons Your Business Need a Content Strategy

Have you ever tried driving to a new place without directions? It’s nearly impossible. Left turn, right turn, who knows, right? Trying to produce content for your business works the same way. Without a solid content strategy, you may find... Read more

Does Your PR Agency Understand Your Industry?

Have you ever tried to explain your passion to somebody who simply doesn’t understand it? Or maybe you’ve tried to give directions to somebody who’s not from the area. It’s difficult, right? Sometimes, partnering with a PR agency can feel... Read more

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