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Planning for future growth starts with picking the right PR agency

As the manufacturing industry and others continue to rebound from the harsh effects of a pandemic that’s still lingering, many are left wondering “what’s next?” With the introduction of multiple COVID-19 vaccines, many are cautiously optimistic that a brighter future... Read more

Let PR keep you relevant today and for years to come

The construction industry has long been known as one a sector most hesitant to adopt technology. But smart construction tech has a role to play in the industry, and slowly, the industry is realizing it, too. The COVID-19 pandemic changed... Read more

A strong support system is more important now than ever before

February 2021 was a rough time for the Midwest. We saw Texas and surrounding areas hit hard by frigid temperatures and severe winter weather that left millions without power and water. As February came to a close, officials were still... Read more

When is PR the best choice for your construction tech company?

There are things in life that you don’t really need until you need them. Take health insurance or even car insurance? If you want to get really heavy, you can throw life insurance in there, too. Each month we pay... Read more

Your first resolution should be partnering with a great PR agency

A new year offers so much potential. We’re filled with hope at the opportunities that await, and new adventures are just waiting to be found. For some, that could be a new business venture, a new job or maybe just... Read more

The best of both worlds: Partner with the downhome PR agency with a global reach

We’re bombarded with advertisements everywhere we go. Billboards tell us the best cheeseburger in town is just two exits ahead. Our social media is covered in ads for items we might have discussed with friends. Our favorite TV shows have... Read more

We’re living in a digital world, and PR can help your B2B company navigate it successfully

Madonna had a song back in the day about how we were living in a “material world.” Today, though, I think she could easily change those lyrics to “digital world” instead. Once upon a time, physical contact and interaction was... Read more

A strong PR partnership can connect your franchise brand with the right audience, even in uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the American economy on its head, leaving millions unemployed and scared. While there has been marked improvement at times, there are still a lot of folks — of all ages — wondering “what’s next?” as they... Read more

Put a local spotlight on your business and let PR tell your story

It’s easy to take running water or air conditioning for granted. It can be even easier to take the contractors behind those services for granted. During the pandemic, while many were able to work from home — and some still... Read more

Don’t get lost in the startup shuffle

The construction industry has been plagued by a labor shortage, a pandemic and declining employment numbers. It’s a trifecta that has proven downright detrimental at times. While the industry added 158,000 jobs in June, the sector is still facing declining... Read more

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