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Share your founder’s story through public relations

I came across a story this week about a recent Ozarks event that allowed students — from kindergarten to sixth grade — to participate in a construction building blocks contest. Adults couldn’t help, and the students had to use things... Read more

Show customers and competition why you’re a leading service provider with PR

AHR Expo is arguably the largest conference for the HVACR industry. It’s the ultimate networking event for home service contractors, B2B tech companies and vendors. They recently released their 2024 trends report, which offers a look at industry changes and... Read more

Crisis management is just the tip of the PR iceberg

Some folks think public relations is only useful when something bad happens. When a crisis happens, a PR agency swoops in to “fix” the situation, right? While crisis management is one of the services we offer, it’s just a small... Read more

Make sure PR plays a part in your new year’s strategy

With 2024 coming up quickly, many companies are looking back at the previous year and figuring out what worked and what didn’t. They’ll take that info and decide what changes, if any, they need to make in the new year.... Read more

Whether you’re giving back at the holidays or just on any day that ends in Y, let PR tell the story of your charitable giving

The air is getting crisper in the mornings. Even in Tennessee, we still have a little bit of fall that settles in once summer is over and winter is coming. Now, it might only be for a couple of hours... Read more

Expanding into a new market? Promote it with franchise PR

Franchise success is a two-pronged strategy. Without successful franchisees, a franchisor will struggle. On the other hand, if a franchise isn’t overly popular or well-run, then franchisees will struggle to find success on a local level. As the song says,... Read more

Bring attention to your leadership team with B2B public relations

The role of public relations is pretty clear at times, isn’t it?  Your company created a new product or service? Got it. Our team will get a press release started. We’ve made a media list, and we’ve checked it twice.... Read more

Leverage press releases to announce leadership changes

When you’ve got big news in your personal life, like an engagement, a pregnancy or new furbaby, you’re quick to share it on social media, right? You want to let friends, family and maybe that girl that made fun of... Read more

Elevate your franchisees’ success with PR

As a franchisor, you understand that the success of your franchisees is what your own success is built upon. Happy franchisees can lead to more sales and growth for your brand. Successful franchisees often look at ways to grow their... Read more

Maximize blogs to showcase your industry expertise

Did you know the first-ever blog was created in 1994? It was by a student named Justin Hall on, and it was just a collection of his thoughts and HTML links he found interesting. Today, there are millions upon... Read more

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