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Embrace Social Media to Market Your Home Service Business

It was over a decade ago when social media took the world by storm. With access to millions of people across the globe, news and information began quickly spreading to households through mobile devices. Over 10 years later, there are... Read more

Stand Out from The Competition Using Healthcare IT Public Relations

Healthcare IT companies are at the forefront of the industry today. After a challenging year, hospitals continue to look for ways to streamline processes and make their workload more manageable on a day-to-day basis. As is with many industries, healthcare... Read more

Get the Most Out of Case Studies Using Home Service Public Relations

We’ve all seen the commercials: A company promises their product will help you lose weight, get stronger or maybe improve your sight. Oftentimes, we dismiss these because there is little or no proof the product works outside of a paid... Read more

Retaining Customer using Public Relations

Without customers, is a business really a business? That may sound like an insane question. The obvious answer is no, yet there are still plenty of people who will start a business and develop a product without a potential customer... Read more

Using PR to Help Your Manufacturing Company Build a Stable Foundation

Anything built on a rocky foundation is likely to tumble over time. Even if a building looks sturdy from the outside, it can still crumble from the inside. The same applies for companies. In many different industries, there have been... Read more

3 ways to build your credibility and positive reputation in your community

Having a solid reputation and credibility in your local community is always a positive when it comes to running a successful business. When customers decide on a company to work with, their loyalties tend to be with companies that have... Read more

How Earned Media can Benefit your B2B Tech Firm

B2B tech companies have a tough job. Not only do they have to be able to create a unique, useful piece of technology, they also have to be able to market that solution to other businesses. Sure, one could easily... Read more

Use PR to Expand your Franchise’s Message

At some point in life, most people dream of opening and starting their own business. Whether it’s a young entrepreneur looking for a first opportunity or a seasoned professional looking for a fresh start, owning a franchise is a good... Read more

Stand Out from the Crowd using Home Service Public Relations

There is a story too often seen in the home service industry: The excellent plumbing or HVAC contractor who can fix any problem but just can’t get the name recognition it deserves. While home service contractors are great at fixing... Read more

How Blogging Can Establish Your Brand as An Industry Leader

The word blog can have different meanings and uses for different people. Some view it as a way to express their personal thoughts and beliefs on a subject. Others view it as a way to explore and talk about a... Read more

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