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The home services industry is booming. Throughout the pandemic, the skilled trades, including plumbing, HVAC, electrical and more, continued their essential work for homeowners around the country. Many companies recorded growth as businesses in other industries struggled to maintain and keep their doors open.

So, what’s the problem?

Despite the stability and opportunities present in the industry, there continues to be a skilled trade labor shortage that leaves many owners with limited capacity to meet the demands of their market. With a smaller pool of jobseekers looking for positions such as HVAC technician, plumber or electrician, business hoping to grow have to standout from the competition.

Many home service companies have a solid marketing plan, but it’s not often that they include PR as a staple component. Public relations can often be thought of as only relevant for large entities or crisis control, but the truth is that positive PR can benefit even smaller businesses and help them with recruiting. Partnering with an agency already experienced in home service public relations, like Ripley PR, will ensure you have a team that speaks your language and understands your unique challenges.

How can PR help?Tradesman teaching apprentices hired using home service public relations.

Driving applications from top talent requires more than simply keeping Facebook, Indeed and Monster hot with ads and listings. What happens once they see the listing and look into your business? Will they find a great brand? Will they notice evidence of a positive culture? Will they see awards and recognition, and will they read articles and news stories about your company?

While this certainly isn’t exhaustive, here are a few ways a solid home services public relations agency can help make the decision easy for your next rock star employee:

  • Identify and submit your business for awards to add credibility
  • Provide content support that tells your brand’s story and increases online visibility
  • Execute PR campaigns that leave a memorable presence in local and regional news
  • Effectively manage any crises, burying bad news with positive press

To learn more about Ripley PR and find out if we can help with your home service recruiting efforts, contact us today by calling (865) 977-1973.

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