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ManufacturingOne of the main goals of manufacturing public relations is to position company leaders and field experts as the top authorities in their field. This is one way to improve your cache with your customers, potential clients and job seekers.

You can position yourself, your company and your employees as top experts in manufacturing through a regular by-lined article in a trade magazine or being a trusted source for reporters on relevant topics. Getting media coverage can help create what we in the PR business call “top-of-mind awareness,” or being the first name that comes to mind.

Also, if you’re doing something revolutionary, such as making paper-replacement products or have an innovative manufacturing process, you may even be able to get mainstream coverage. The thing is that as unexciting as manufacturing may sound to some, people are always curious about new innovations or ways companies are creating new trends or responding to emerging consumer demands.

It may not happen overnight, but over time, you can build your reputation as the expert in manufacturing through these methods. This can help you grow your business, earn more lucrative contracts and attract talented employees by demonstrating that you’re on top of current trends and also an authority on everything from logistics to processes to plant and facility management.

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Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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