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Today’s savvy businesses know that posting a white paper on a key subject that is current, informative and relative to their business can be a highly effective lead-generation tactic. Statistics gathered by in 2015 showed that 68 percent of B2B companies polled planned to use white papers as a marketing strategy.

RxEOB White Paper

White Paper: Personalized Messaging Delivers Better Care Quality and Lower Costs

This is no surprise because at Ripley PR, our clients have had tremendous success generating leads through white papers. We research our clients’ subjects thoroughly, use only senior writers, create professionally-designed materials and we have the B2B public relations expertise to strategically promote our clients’ white papers to gain not only more leads, but more high-quality leads.

Our white paper team specializes in producing quality papers that inform, educate and also encourage participation from prospective leads. If you are considering starting a white paper initiative to collect more leads, we would love to help you. We will make sure your papers:

  • Educate – Rather than preach about or overly promote your product or service, we offer papers that educate and provide new insight into the subject matter.
  • Ask for Action – It’s great to offer helpful information, but at the same time a white paper’s focus should also be on getting the reader to take action by downloading the paper, filling out a request for more information or getting the reader to call a number.
  • Are Connected through Social – Content marketing through social media can be a huge asset in getting a white paper noticed. Linking to your white paper via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other platform – at the right time and with the right incentive—can give your white paper the boost it needs to go from OK to a profit maker.

A white paper can be well written, attractively designed and offer new and innovative information. But if it is not marketed well, no one will see it. An experienced PR agency with a track record in getting attention for its clients’ white papers will use the most effective platforms and tactics to generate awareness and valuable leads. Send me a personal email today and we can discuss your white paper or content needs.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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