As healthcare IT booms, public trust wanes

Strong public relations is key to building consumer faith

The global digital health market is expected to grow at a rate of about 13.5 percent a year over the next decade. By 2025, the valuation of digital health companies will exceed $600 billion.

There is strong, sustained growth anticipated for companies that range from manufacturers of digital fitness monitors and health care artificial intelligence to online pharmaceutical suppliers.

Growing pains are common in any industry, but handling personal health information is a very delicate undertaking. There’s still flagging trust in those companies to safeguard health data and refrain from using that data for widespread marketing purposes.

The healthcare IT public relations experts at Ripley PR can help your health IT company build trust with consumers as business booms.

Trust is lowest among those who currently need the most health care. Only 19 percent of people 55 or older trust companies to keep their health information private. As digital natives age and require more health care, the trust factor will likely grow, but now is the time to tackle the issue.

Here are three ways Ripley PR can help build consumer trust of companies in the health IT space.

  1. Crisis plans. If a data breach occurs your company needs to have a plan in place to get ahead of the news. We can help develop a crisis plan that lays the foundation for addressing any such breach quickly honestly, thoughtfully and proactively.
  2. Public outreach. We can craft marketing materials and reach out to media and consumers to explain how your company protects data, how it uses that data, and how it would respond to a breach.
  3. Positioning. Our public relations and branding experts can promote your company CEO or managers as thought leaders in the industry. People tend to have more trust in those they perceive as intelligent masters of their business. We can write bylines, secure media spots and arrange relevant speaking engagements to promote your expertise – and build trust.

Healthcare IT is poised to be one of the most expansive and profitable industries in history. Contact Ripley PR for help easing the growing pains.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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