Are Your Executives Speaking at Healthcare IT Events?

Attending conventions, conferences and other health IT industry events is a part of doing business. It’s a chance to connect with your colleagues, meet new business contacts and collect prospects. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about different aspects of your industry through informative speakers, workshops and training offered at these events and trade shows.

Networking is a huge reason many healthcare IT businesses and executives attend these events. Increasing respect and awareness for your business at trade shows is another aspect not to be underestimated.  Hosting a vendor booth is one way to gain attention for your healthcare IT business. Done well, a vendor booth will attract existing customers back to see what new offerings you are showcasing, and at the same time entice new prospects to check out your business.

The best way to attract new business, however, is through speaking opportunities before your peers at events that are well-attended by your industry colleagues and leaders.  Sitting on an educational panel or presenting on a timely, in-demand topic during an industry conference not only puts your business name front and center, but it also offers you the chance to get your name on conference hand outs and in brochures and convention promotional materials. It’s also a way to get your name in front of media outlets covering the convention.

Speaking or presenting doesn’t just happen, however. It takes effort and effective marketing and PR to make event promoters and planners take notice. Healthcare IT public relations tactics are needed to ensure you and your business are regarded as respected and trusted experts in your industry, and to make organizers jump at the chance to have you speak at their event.

Ripley PR is known for its expertise in PR for healthcare IT professionals, so why not engage the best PR firm for the job? If you want to gain attention and increase awareness of your business’ expertise and your speaking abilities, contact Ripley PR to find out how it helped other business executives secure speaking engagements that made a difference for their businesses.

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