Are your annual franchise events boring?

Holding an annual franchise event is your chance to show your owners what being a part of your franchise is all about. Your event should be the one that all the franchisees are excited about and can’t wait to attend. And after it’s over, it’s the one they can’t stop talking about.

This is your chance to let franchisees know how important they are to you. It should offer them a chance to learn new ways to grow their business, network with other franchisees and solidify their reasons for buying a franchise in the first place. This is also your chance to show off all the milestones and successes from the past year.

A major event is a lot of work, and it’s a big investment and commitment on your part, but what makes it worth it is hearing positive feedback from your franchisees and knowing they are going back home filled with ideas, excitement and a renewed conviction to build their businesses and increase revenue to new levels.

Of course, working with a professional team of experienced franchise public relations professionals is going to give you your best chance of success, but here are some tips to develop events that get results:

  • Book speakers that will garner excitement and attention

Plan well in advance (sometimes years ahead of time) to attract attractive speakers and vendors. (You will need to pay for a keynote speaker.)

  • Develop and execute a carefully-timed marketing plan for the events

Send event promotions to your email lists using a well-planned schedule. Not too many, not too little, and combine these with website, social media and other online promotions for a good mix.  (Ask us about helping you plan a Discovery Day within the event!)

  • Get media attention to help promote your events

Not an easy task, but if you have relationships with key industry media, or are good at pitching, this is a crucial way to attract attention.

Franchise events can be one of the best methods to promote your franchise. If you need help planning your event, contact Ripley PR at 865.977.1973 to learn more.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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