Are you Using Case Studies to Leverage New Leads for your B2B Construction Tech Business?

Effective lead generation funnels for B2B construction tech businesses is critical to their success. Some businesses use one main way to acquire new customers while others have developed several lead generation strategies. Some of those include attending trade shows, buying digital ads and email marketing. But there is another way to attract new customers that many B2B construction firms don’t take advantage of: case studies.

Use case studies to highlight your best work

Sure, showing photos and videos of your construction tech work on social media is a popular way to promote your business. But does that really generate new customers? People like to research a business before making a purchase or a call, and by using your website, you can feature case studies on your home page with a link to generate interest. Write informative case studies about your best projects to show off the work your business can do. People see case studies as informational rather than as a sales pitch. And be sure to post links to your case studies on all your platforms.

Write case studies that entice further action

Case studies of your best projects can be used to pull new customers into your lead generation funnel by offering photos with captions, technical details and a description of how the project was a success. A case study often offers quotes or short interviews with the client, furthering its credibility.

Once a website user has landed on your case study page, you can provide a lead generation form with a call-to-action offer, like a PDF download. Make your CTA easy to complete and very prominent on the page. Lead generation forms should have minimal content and very few required fill-in sections. The easier and less-intrusive your lead generation form, the more likely it will filled out.

Case studies done well make very effective lead generation tools, and a B2B tech public relations firm like Ripley PR can create case studies that produce results. We have many years of experience working with B2B construction tech businesses, and have fine-tuned the most effective lead generation tactics. If you have questions, consider the public relations professionals at Ripley PR. Contact us online, or give us a call at (865) 977-1973 to learn more.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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