Are You Telling an Authentic Brand Story?

Storytelling-600-605x400Consumers crave authenticity from brands. A compelling, honest conversation around your product or service will attract a wider audience, create a real connection, and leave your customers wanting more. So how exactly do you build an authentic brand?

Every brand has a “moment”. Similar to your first kiss or first homerun, it’s a defining moment for your customers and company that encompasses a strong emotion. For feminine care product brand Always, their moment was defined in a ground-breaking Super Bowl ad tearing apart gender stereotypes. Their #likeagirl campaign shared a candid look at how males and females perceive the phrase “run like a girl”. The Proctor & Gamble brand found a compelling moment to market its products with an empowering message.

Just like Always, your brand can have an authentic story. Here are three components to establishing authenticity from the inside out:

  • Tell your story – If you’ve defined your “moment,” it’s time to tell your story. This includes sharing news as it happens with press releases, updating your social media with relevant posts, and creating dynamic ad campaigns. When telling your story, remember it’s vital to be consistent and to create an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Live your story – Having an authentic brand means living your story – not just telling it. Your mission, goals, and values should be expressed in your company culture and in the type of employees you hire. From community service initiatives to employee morale, fully living up to your brand’s story will help to establish authenticity.
  • Sell your story – Your product and service should always align with your brand’s story. This includes selling a quality product or delivering exceptional service on all levels. Also, your story should be reflected at every consumer touch point – from packaging to websites and social media. For example – if you tell a story with humor, it’s okay to have fun and unique packaging or to be playful in Facebook posts.

Fama Franciso, vice president of Global Always once stated, “When you have a message that really addresses such an important and a real issue and it’s done in a way that is very consistent with who you are as a brand, I think consumers want to engage with that.”

Your brand has a story to tell, and it’s time your target audience hear it. As a B2B public relations agency, our job is to help promote your brand through ongoing storytelling that generates leads, builds your reputation, and creates authenticity. Contact the Ripley PR team for more information.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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