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Franchise expansion tips from public relations expertsTips from franchise public relations experts to grow your franchise

When a small to mid-sized business offers a good enough product or service and owns a concept that appeals to enough people, franchising becomes a powerful and profitable next step. For those who have already made that first step into franchising your business, you’re now looking to attract franchisees to help you grown even more.

If you’ve got your franchise model down and it can be reasonably executed, the sky is the limit for growth. However the way to rapid expansion comes from generating enough qualified franchise leads and converting them into successful franchises who become brand advocates.

As franchise public relations experts, we work with established and growing franchises to help expand their number of locations by generating awareness both locally and abroad. Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years to help you with your budding franchise:

Grow your franchise on your home turf first

It can be tempting to see an investment come in from across the country and that you should setup a new franchisee, but it’s important to focus on your immediate area first. By fully owning your own market first, you give yourself the ability to build your franchise without overgrowing and putting unnecessary strain on your corporate team by spreading yourself too thin.

Build your franchise brand and reputation

The last thing you want is for someone in your area to not know who you are. If you’re a growing franchise, you need to build awareness for your brand and reputation on a local and regional level in the near term. By growing your franchise on your home turf, you also give yourself the ability to generate positive press about your brand and build up a reputation for being successful. One of the best ways to generate national awareness is to tell the success stories of your local and regional franchisees.

Test. Tweak. Improve.

By staying concentrated on your home turf, you are able to more easily test, tweak and improve not only your franchise process, but also your message. As your brand and your reputation grow, you’ll notice that you will naturally iron out kinks and fill holes in what your public perception should be—both from a customer standpoint and a franchise lead standpoint.

Are you a franchise who’s ready to grow? We’d love to help. Give the franchise PR experts at Ripley a call today at 865.977.1973.

JD Sizemore, Account Supervisor

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