Are You Publicizing the Charitable Giving of Your Franchisees?

Spotlighting your franchisees’ commitment to charitable giving is a great opportunity to bring deserved attention to not only your franchisees but also your brand. When it comes to highlighting the good work of your franchisees, including their charitable giving is important. Keep in mind, it is essential to relay the good news about your charitable giving in a way that does not seem self-serving. Adding an experienced franchise public relations agency to your team can help you accomplish that.

Publicize the charitable giving of your franchisees.

Franchise Public Relations

When it comes to receiving attention as a business, positive publicity is certainly the goal. Your franchisees and their actions contribute to the overall view of your brand. Do you have franchisees who donate their time or money to charitable work in their communities? It is important to utilize franchise public relations in your marketing plan, and let the voice of the public spread word of your franchisees’ commitment to giving to those in need. Through a well-thought-out PR strategy, properly pitched stories can get picked up by a variety of media including television, newspaper, trade magazines and online. A well-timed press release or an interview on a podcast or news program can reach a large audience and resonate with potential clients, bringing credibility to your brand.

Publicizing charitable giving should have a strong focus on the charity itself and the good that comes from donating to its cause. With an experienced franchise PR team like Ripley PR, you can be sure all angles of your franchisees’ giving are seen and professionally delivered to the most beneficial media outlets in a timely and highly informative manner.

Franchise Support

Showing examples of your franchisees’ giving encourages growth and repeat customers. Consumers gravitate toward trustworthy franchises, and promoting charitable giving builds trust by showing a dedication to community beyond direct business.

Franchise Development

The generosity of your franchise brand can also be noticed on a large scale. From local newspapers and evening news to highly notable national magazines and 24-hour news channels, your brand can be seen by millions of people by publicizing the charitable giving of your franchisees. With great positive exposure comes the chance to expand by gaining franchise leads, too.

Contact Ripley PR online or call (865) 977-1973 today for more information. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and developing a franchise PR strategy for publicizing your franchisees’ charitable giving.


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