Are You Prepared to Launch Your A.I. Startup in 2020?

Artificial intelligence deserves a smart start

Best-selling author and futurist Bernard Marr recently contributed his projected top 7 tech trends for 2020 to Forbes, and the trend he mentions is increased movement in the artificial intelligence space; specifically, he expects more “AI-as-a-service” solutions for businesses that need the benefits but can’t natively create their own platform.New artifical intelligence software seen automating industrial machines

The implementation of artificial intelligence is changing industries every day, from alleviating pain points caused by the labor shortage in the construction industry to monitoring consumption of resources and utilities in efforts to reduce organizations’ carbon footprints.

With the amount of buzz – and competition – surrounding AI right now, you need to ask yourself some critical questions before announcing your tech contribution to the world if you’re gearing up to launch the next great AI-powered assistant or SaaS-style product.

At Ripley PR, we’ve worked with AI solutions, all-in-one management platforms, sustainability tech and more, and we know the importance of a well-planned launch. As an agency experienced in tech public relations, we’d like to recommend the following introspection and consideration before taking things public on your own:

  • Can each member of your team recite your key messages (and get close to the mark)?
  • Have you already identified your target audiences, and do you know what media outlets they hold most valuable?
  • Are you capable of securing opportunities with your target media on your own, and is your spokesperson(s) ready to address members of the press if you do?
  • Do you have comprehensive plans to deliver consistent and engaging social media and online content?
  • Can your internal team prepare and deliver case studies, white papers and other compelling arguments that your product is, in fact, worth the investment?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, we’d love to help. Even though you’re on the cusp of making advances in the realm of artificial intelligence, there are some processes that simply can’t be automated yet. Thankfully, we’re here to take that extra work off your hands.

For a launch campaign consultation from a full-service and experienced tech public relations agency, contact Ripley PR today at (865) 977-1973.

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