Are You Listening to Your Potential Leads?

Group of business partners discussing ideasSocial media has given businesses, especially social media for B2B companies, a means to better communicate with their worldwide audience. Incorporating social media into your B2B public relations strategy allows opportunities for better engagement with potential and current customers and it even benefits the overall business through the generation of leads. While yes, social media is a great tool for companies, its effectiveness matters on how you are using it. Constantly posting your own content on various platforms helps with SEO but not engagement. Want to know how to truly be effective? Listen.

Social listening is not a new concept, but only 24 percent of brands say they do “social listening” practices. Another astonishing statistic about B2B social media – while 78 percent of companies now have a dedicated social media team, only 26 percent integrate social media fully into their business strategies. Consumers are taking note of this and sometimes ignoring brands altogether because of past experiences. By being active and alert on social media, you can avoid the radio silence from clients and customers.

Here are some of the top benefits B2B companies stand to gain from social media listening from Business 2 Community:

Obtain sales leads. When a potential customer asks about a product or mentions they are considering buying a new product, your team can respond with information. Several years ago someone tweeted: ‘Shoretel or Avaya? Time for a new phone system soon.’ Avaya was listening. It tweeted back, saying it had information and courteously requested a phone call. Thirteen days later, it closed a $250,000 deal.

Respond to customer complaints. Social media monitoring enables brands to find negative customer comments in social networks that call for responses. Monitoring key social media networks and responding quickly is essential to stop an unfavorable discussion from spreading. Since most consumers expect response within an hour from major brands, 24/7 monitoring is preferable. Next-day response is essential for most all businesses.

Measure PR campaigns. By measuring PR results against business goals, listening can provide information about how well a PR campaign performed and insights into how to improve results in the future. In addition, monitoring and measurement of mentions in news and social media can show sentiment of all mentions. Many companies also compare their PR results to those of their competitors for better insights into how they are performing.”

Along with the many benefits social listening can provide, the most important is building a relationship with your customer-base. Relationships are the core of running a successful business and social listening is just one of the many ways to do so. To read more about the benefits of social listening, check out this article from Business 2 Community.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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