Are Press Releases Relevant for Tourism?

A hotly debated topic in the public relations field today is the relevancy of press releases as a marketing tool. It’s something all businesses, including the travel, tourism and related industries, are thinking about as the discussion becomes more vocal and gets more attention in the press. While some travel and tourism professionals are turning away from press releases to focus on other promotional efforts, they may be reacting too quickly without knowing the facts or doing the necessary research to make effective marketing decisions. travel tourism

At Ripley PR, we create and send press releases as a part of our clients’ travel and tourism public relations strategies and believe press releases are still a key element of targeted business communications plans. Currently, the advantages far outweigh the perceived drawbacks.

If you’re still not sure about adding press releases to your tourism marketing efforts, here are some top points of consideration.

  • Watch your links: It is true that there is such a thing as a bad press release and creating one filled with too many links can actually lessen your chances of being picked up by your target media outlets. Google’s newer algorithms negatively affect press releases filled with over-linked keywords so going light on the links is critical to the success of your release. One or two links is considered optimal.
  • Less words more pictures: Make sure your press release tells a compelling, concise story. Travel writers are inundated with releases and pitches daily. They don’t have time to spend reading every word of your release, so it is vital to stand out and get your point across quickly. Releases with fewer words and several good-quality images are more attractive to travel writers.
  • Pick your topic wisely: Before you write a press release, you should always ask yourself, “Is this newsworthy?” Creating a release just for SEO will be ill-received and writing one in a promotional manner can get your release denied distribution by many online release sites. For example, if an organization picked your venue or destination as its annual meeting site, a newsworthy press release would highlight the potential economic boost to the local community and create anticipation and press coverage for the event.

Professionally-written press releases highlighting your travel and tourism industry business can increase your brand’s visibility, improve your business’ Google ranking and connect your business to a respected, high quality publishing website … all great ways to amplify your business’ reputation. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of press release strategies for your tourism business, contact Ripley PR today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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