Are Amateurs Ruining Your Social Media Strategy?

Knoxville businesses looking to take the national stage can’t afford to ignore the role of social media in their public relations and marketing efforts.

Having an active, engaging social media presence helps increase your visibility and reach. The quality of the content also has a direct impact on your online reputation. If the audience you’re seeking sees offensive, sloppy, or just boring social media content, they’ll make negative assumptions about your brand. That’s where Ripley PR, an experienced Knoxville public relations agency, can provide help and guidance in creating professional content that reflects well on your business.

Be Professional

Creating successful social media content isn’t about delegating the job to an intern or a junior team member, though. It requires just as much thought and insight as any other aspect of your company’s marketing plan. Simply knowing how to make a social media post is just the start. Knowing the best approach to creating content requires a whole other level of experience. It’s not as easy as posting the latest memes or jumping on the TikTok bandwagon.

In a Forbes Communications Council discussion about creating social media communities, Victor Potrel writes that best content isn’t about mimicking the latest trends — it’s about fitting your company’s brand:

Don’t jump on the latest trend if it doesn’t fit what your brand is all about. Our brands are centered around positivity, and all of our content jumps from that springboard. Inspiring our followers means choosing to embrace the trends that will help us stay true to this premise and resonate with fans. Finding this balance will inspire your followers and expand your audience.

The social media experts at Riley PR can effectively represent your brand as part of a comprehensive public relations strategy. If you’re ready for results, call us at (865) 977-1973 or contact us online to learn how we can help.



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