After the IPO: the Importance of Investor Relations to Your Company’s Future

It’s an enticing prospect for an entrepreneur: build and grow an innovative startup with the goal of taking it public. The prospect of wealth generation through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is hard to resist.

An IPO is just the beginning of the story

A good investor and public relations strategy can help generate the coverage and excitement necessary to give your IPO a boost, but that’s not the end of the story. Jim Barbagallo, writing for PR Daily, says that once your company goes public, the need for expert messaging increases:

The benefits of enhanced publicity come with the increased responsibility of communicating appropriately, leveraging newfound media attention to support strategic business goals while playing by fair market rules and maintaining corporate transparency.

Complying with regulations

This means being fluent in financial reporting regulations. For instance, after an IPO, the SEC bans the use of promotional publicity during a quiet period of 40 to 90 days to avoid artificially inflating the stock price. Releasing any information that influence an investor’s position during that period could land your business in trouble with regulators.

Sell your story

According to the Institute for Public Relations, long gone are the days when good investor relations meant basic financial disclosure. Investors want to understand the value of your company and that calls for expertise in crafting compelling narratives.

It pays to partner with an experienced investor relations and public relations agency like Ripley PR. We can expertly craft messages that not only appeal to stockholders but attract the attention of the mass media.

Here at Ripley PR, we know the importance of stories in helping your business better sell its brand to possible investors. We understand investor and business relations. Our experts can help your company gain the recognition it needs to pull off a successful IPO and then navigate the complex world of corporate communications. Contact us today.


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