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When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the futuristic technology I saw in movies and on TV. Handheld communicators, flying cars and computers that held the knowledge of the universe seemed so fantastical, I couldn’t imagine ever seeing such things come to fruition.

Fast forward a few years, and I may not have a flying car, but I do have the ability to communicate and access to a ridiculous amount of knowledge in the palm of my hand, thanks to my cell phone. Companies across the globe are making technological advances and improving lives every single day.

We work with companies that are changing lives and streamlining processes in industries that have been underserved by technology for decades. We also work with businesses in those underserved industries that are experiencing growth and financial success due to the adoption of that same technology. In other words, we work with tech innovators, but we also work with tech users. You might think this makes Ripley PR well-rounded, in general, but it also makes us an experienced tech public relations agency that knows how to speak to media outlets on every level.

No company wants to remain stagnant, and that’s especially true for a tech company. We know that you’re always making advancements, updates and looking to improve the quality of your product. We can not only help you share news with your contemporaries but your target customers, too.

Have you created an app that revolutionizes an industry? Is your software changing the way companies do business? Maybe your tech isn’t work-related at all, and you’re simply trying to make a smarter TV or a quicker way to make coffee. We can not only help you share the word about your innovation, but we can help you generate leads, as well, by helping you reach the right audience. Give us a call and let us get started.

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