A (Virtual) Night to Remember

As the number of vaccinated people continues to increase, COVID restrictions are lifting in many areas. This is great news, but work, life, and events will be impacted by lessons we have learned for years to come.

Virtual events have taken the industry by swarm and, although meeting in person is a great way to connect with other industry leaders, the effectiveness and benefits of holding virtual events shouldn’t be overlooked. These events can be a perfect addition to supplement your manufacturing public relations strategy.

Manufacturing Public Relations

Eventify, a leading event management software shares that virtual events can have better attendance rates, can be opened up to more attendees, provide more qualified leads, and are often more efficient and much more affordable.

With all of this in mind, keeping virtual events in the mix is a great way to continue generating a pipeline, sharing your brands expertise, and allowing your team to network with other well-known industry leaders or prospects.

Here are some tips on how to make yours stick out from the crowd, keep attendance up, and attendees engaged:

Getting your message out there

The best way to supplement paid promotion of your event is to increase your attendance by having well-known industry publications and contributors share the announcement and encourage their readers to attend. By building trust with these reporters and editors, they will be happy to pass along your messaging to their readers. This will equate to stronger attendance, more leads and better conversations.

Engage your audience

Virtual events can allow for more structured Q&A sessions when compared to in-person events. Ensuring your team is up to speed on the latest industry trends and news is the best way to anticipate the types of questions that may be directed your way. Having a team of PR pros on standby to help coach and prep your team is a great way to go into a virtual event confidently ready to tackle any question.

Virtual events have been one of the best things to come out of the post-pandemic world. They are a great way to gain buzz, positions your brand as a cornerstone of the industry, and earn more valuable leads. Working with the right team of PR pros can be a great way to ensure your messaging is being wide spread and to increase your attendance.

If you want to learn more about increasing attendance, engagement, and being known for holding the best virtual events in the industry, give Ripley PR a call at (865)977-1973.


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