A Light Touch: Finding the Right Tone in Franchise Social Media

As a franchisor, you work hard each and every day promoting your brand. It’s serious business, and it can encourage a serious tone in everything you do; however, the best franchise public relations involves knowing how to set the right tone for marketing and public relations efforts on social media.

Not Just the Facts

Writing in Forbes, entrepreneur John Rampton cautions businesses about being overly serious when it comes to social media:

Your followers and audience want to see that there’s actually a person or people behind the logo. But, how can you achieve that? For starters, you can share some personal information like your favorite hobby or book with your followers. You could also share recommendations on blog posts or products that you find informative. You could even tell your followers about what your typical day is like.

Potential customers aren’t just interested in facts. They want to engage with your brand through informative and entertaining posts. Potential franchisees like getting a glimpse into the culture of the franchise network. Nobody wants to tie themselves to a toxic, humorless environment.

Picking the Right Social Media Platform

To complicate matters, different tones are appropriate for different social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are more informal. On Facebook, consumers can be offered information on products and services, given important information, and engaged through entertaining posts. The platform can also be used to recruit workers for individual franchises. LinkedIn, used for networking and brand recognition, requires a more professional tone.

Let Us Help

Social media doesn’t have to be complicated. Partnering with an experienced franchise public relations agency takes the guesswork out of developing a social media strategy. Want to know more about how social media can play a role in marketing your franchise?  Contact Ripley PR today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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