5G, IIoT and Big Data: Leveraging Your Tech Advancements through PR

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If your company is in the business of providing manufacturers solutions around 5G, IIoT or Big Data analytics, projections like these mean a bright future for your business. However, these forecasts also mean that fierce competition is on its way as more and more players enter the space. Staying ahead of the game is necessary to ensure you gain market share and decrease cost of client acquisition so that you can spend your resources on honing and developing even better solutions. One of the best ways to do that is through PR.

Interviews, features, bylines and other earned media placement with major tech and manufacturing outlets are a great way to stay top of mind and showcase your advancements for the industry. These opportunities help to differentiate you from competitors in the eyes of key decision makers and answer the “so what?” objections that often come from those hesitant to invest in early adoption of technology, even if it’s sorely needed.

As a global agency that specializes in manufacturing public relations, we understand the need for tech companies and startups to get ahead of the competition in order to become the solution or SOR for a particular process or industry niche. We craft stories that get at the root of the benefit of your solutions, cultivate trust and build relationships.

If you’re developing tech solutions that support manufacturing operations, we’d like to talk with you about how you can leverage public relations for maximum ROI. Contact us today.

Joel Davis, Content Supervisor

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