5 Ways to Increase B2B Leads

When your customer is a business, paid advertising will only get you so far. A lot of professionals decide they need a product or service, then they do their own research into potential partners. While ads can help with brand awareness, they won’t create trust or credibility. That is where an expert B2B public relations firm can help. At Ripley PR, we have the expertise to craft a targeted plan to raise your profile and increase your B2B leads.

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   1. Tailor your message to your audience and make sure you reach them.

First, you need to understand what drives your customer and make sure you have clear, consistent messaging that addresses that need or desire. Reaching your audience may not seem that difficult, but you must employ several different tactics to make sure you reach your target prospects, whether they’re searching online or looking through a trade publication.

  2. Capitalize on social media.

This doesn’t mean tweet about how great your company is — It means having a focused strategy that utilizes all of the resources available. Join appropriate groups on LinkedIn, tweet about industry trends, and share media coverage and company news on all your social media channels.

  3. Blog.

When some people think of blogs, they picture a woman in her pajamas ranting about free range parenting or DIY household projects, but blogs are much more than that. They are an incredibly useful tool with search engine optimization and can help position you and your company as industry experts.

 4. Maximize media coverage.

An expert PR team should be garnering media opportunities for you, but that isn’t enough. Expand the reach by sharing the coverage on your website, social media platforms, blogs, even your email signature. The prestige of being featured by a top outlet can improve your image to prospective clients whether they see it in a sales video or highlighted on your webpage.

 5. Get involved.

Networking in person is still important. Get involved in industry professional groups, start training programs, partner with universities, and seek out speaking opportunities. All of these will give you exposure and credibility, but they are also key things to share through press releases and media announcements. They demonstrate your expertise and accentuate your contributions. They also help with recruiting new talent.

Most people would read this and think, “I can do that.” I’m sure you can. However, will you do it with the focus and consistency required for success? Ripley PR will. Call us today at 865-977-1973.



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