5 Reasons Why Your Boutique Hotel Needs Public Relations

hotelWithin the hospitality industry, a projected $550 billion industry for 2016, there are numerous players of all different sizes, each benefiting from an increasingly growing travel and lodging business. Standing apart from the major global players are boutique hotels. For these businesses, hospitality public relations can be the difference between slow seasons and year-round success.

Here are five ways public relations can maximize your boutique hotel business:

  • Earn media coverage: With public relations, your boutique hotel can earn recognition through third-party reviews and endorsements that are often more powerful than advertisements. Outreach to media with press releases, media alerts or even when hosting events can get travel writers and hotel critics into your venue to generate valuable coverage.
  • Increase communication with your guests: Consumers tend to be more intrigued by boutique hotels than conglomerate institutions. With a proper public relations strategy in place, you can build relationships with these curious consumers and increase communication with your current and potential guests. Whether it’s through your website, social media pages, or a blog, having a PR professional manage your consumer communication can ensure your message is never misunderstood.
  • Create a buzz for your brand: With public relations, you can create a positive buzz around your hotel’s brand with social media outreach, press releases, consumer incentives, marketing taglines and more. Events that align with your mission, such as live music, convention hosting, or even filming for television or a movie can place your hotel in the trending section of the public eye.
  • Manage a crisis: While obviously unwanted, a crisis can happen to any business, and when it does, a boutique hotel’s critical reputation can be placed on life support. With public relations however, you can pre-plan for any crisis, and create a well-communicated plan of action to remedy the issue. In a time of crisis, telling the truth quickly can mean the difference in redemption and foreclosure.
  • Focus messaging to your target audience: With any small, specialized business, focusing messaging through clear and concise branding and story-telling can eliminate any confusion when consumers are shopping for their next destination spot. A PR professional knows how to identify the best publications and events that will connect your hotel directly to its target audience.

Without a proper plan in place, your hotel’s luster can be lost among the industry giants. Fortunately, working with a professional public relations agency, like Ripley PR, can ensure your story gets told while you continue to focus on your business. To find out more, contact us today.

Heather Ripley, Founder/CEO

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