4 Reasons Home Service Companies Need a Social Media Strategy

Does your home service company have a consistent social media presence? Do you post regularly? Is social media management handled as an important function of marketing? social media apps on phone

If not, it’s time to get to work on leveraging social media to raise your company’s visibility. There are many good reasons why a home service company should use social media as a component of its marketing and publication strategies. Here are four:

  1. Increases your brand awareness
  2. Connects your company with your target market
  3. Allows you to tell your company’s story
  4. Gives you the opportunity to talk to your customers via comments and reviews

Bonus: You can have a little fun, too.

A consistent social media presence helps to improve your company’s visibility online, improves web traffic to your website, and enhances brand loyalty. But to use social media to its full potential requires investing time and effort that your company can’t afford. That’s why you should consider partnering with a public relations agency like Ripley PR to manage your social media strategy.

If you find social media challenging, Ripley PR has home service public relations experts who can assist you. Call Ripley PR at 865-977-1973 or contact us online.


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